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Visit the Widowers Support Network Blog
Visit the Widowers Support Network Blog

Visit the Widowers Support Network Blog to learn how other widowers are dealing with their many challenges.
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About the Author:<br/>Herb Knoll
About the Author:
Herb Knoll

Learn about the history of career achievement and service to others Herb Knoll brings to the pages of
The Widower's Journey.
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Order Your Copy Today
Order Your Copy Today

Order your own personally autographed copy(ies) of
The Widower's Journey
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The Widower's Journey Experts
The Widower's Journey Experts

Unlike other books which widowers may read, none will offer the expert perspectives contained in The Widower's Journey,
Learn why.
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Widowers Support Network Blog

Posted Jul 10 2018


Widowers - Forced to Live in the Shadows

As originally seen on Open to Hope's website - www.OpentoHope.com 

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Posted Aug 27 2018


How a Widower Can Ensure His Final Wishes Are Carried Out

By Rachel Zeldin, Founder of ​Funerals360

 As a widower, you’ve most certainly dealt with an enormous amount of stress and grief at the time of your partner’s passing. During that excruciating time, spouses often have the added burden of making plans for final wishes and funeral services of their loved one. This is an incredibly trying time for everyone who’s ever been there. 

If you have already gone through the funeral-planning process for your loved one, you may have some ideas of your own final wishes, and you might have thought about ways to lessen the burden on your surviving family members when your time eventually comes.

Whether it’s buying family plots or discussing wishes with loved ones, pre-planning a funeral can have several advantages.


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Posted Aug 17 2018


A Friend In Need: Herb Knoll

The quality I admire most in writers is their passion for their work and their causes. We’re all Don Quixote fighting huge windmills, doing our bit to make the world a little better and inspire others. Herb Knoll is a great example, devoting much of his life to a cause few think about, even though it is too close to us. For some of us ‘he-men’, (ha ha!), it is our greatest fear. Herb Knoll offers help and hope.

There are 2.7 million widowers in America, 420,000 new widowers each year. One in five men will be widowed and 65% of widowed men will experience a life-threatening illness within twelve months. As Herb explains, widowers experience a wide variety of challenges: health problems, loss of faith, financial set-backs, problems with relationships, careers, raising children, dating, and more, “not to mention, grief.” It is eye-opening to realize that the sucide rate among widwors is 3-4 times higher than that of married men.  It is to help these vulnerable men that Herb runs the Widoers Support Network, which provides free services to widwoers, and has written The Widower's Jurney.  As Herb says, "America's widowers need help.  Unfortunately, few resources are available to them.


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Tell Your Story

Tell your story

Most people will always reach out to help others when given the opportunity to do so. The Widowers Support Network is your opportunity to do so.  Widowers everywhere need help, especially the kind of help previous widowed men have to offer. If you were once widowed (even if you have remarried or have discovered love again) your words and your experiences have value in the eyes of those new to being widowed. For this reason, we're asking you to share. Don't be concerned, we're not going to ask you to write anything. Just take a few minutes and register on this website. We'll get in touch with you soon there after and before you know it, your voice will be added to those who serve widowers across America. As a volunteer contributor, you will have the satisfaction of having aided widowers for years to come. Besides, you may find the experience heals a few of your own wounds which may otherwise linger.

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1. Reason for a book titled: The Widower’s Journey

Herb Knoll's personal experience of becoming a widower lead him to the realization a book written for widowers and which would be written by widowers was desperately needed. Herb's book, The Widower's Journey  is intended to help widowers, new and old alike, deal with their grief while assisting them as they address the many challenges which come from becoming a widower. The Widower's Journey will capture the stories of men (perhaps your story if you permit Herb to include it) who have lost their beloved wives and who suddenly faced a new life as a single parent, a single man or both. From managing their careers to raising children, from preparing a meal to going out on a first date with someone new, the challenges vary widely and at times seem never ending. A widower's new surroundings are usually found to be a bit foreign if not down-right uncomfortable.

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The Widower’s Journey Inspires Playwright

<em>The Widower’s Journey Inspires Playwright</em>
Neal Radice

I'M FINE is a compelling yet humorous play written by the gifted Neal Radice.  It opened its four week run on April 20, 2017 at the Alleyway Theatre.  Inspired by the former banker turned widower advocate Herb Knoll (67), author of the breakout guide for widowers, The Widower's Journey, which itself was released by Amazon.com on April 5, 2017.

"I'M FINE sprang forth in, what I hope audiences would have found to be a touching and numorous gush,"
said Radice. Well, the answer is in. The fans loved it. Commenting on the play, critic Ted Hadley wrote: I’M FINE is “Some of Radice’s best writing in years – real people saying real things – leads to laudable performances by bereaved and confused (widower) Mike, played by Ray Boucher."  A second critic wrote of the play, "I'M FINE is absolutely worth seeing because it's a part of life most of us haven't thought about much and should," while awarding the play a 3 out of 4 star rating.

​Knoll, a former member of the Alleyway Theatre's Board of Directors, added; "I was extremely appreciative and proud to learn how The Widowers Journey inspired Neal Radice to write and produce the play, I'M FINE. Audiences were thoroughly entertained and perhaps enlightened as they got a rare glimpse into the dark world widowed men have endured for decades. Most recently, Neal Radice’s I’M FINE was honored when it won the Emmanuel Fried Award for Outstanding New Play."   

Those interested in learning how I'M FINE can be presented in their community should contact our offices for details. Write herb@WidowersSupportNetwork.com.


1. Another reason why The Widower’s Journey is so SPECIAL is its team of Subject Matter Experts.

Unlike other books which widowers may read, few have the strength of content The Widower’s Journey team of experts provide within the pages of this important book. Author Herb Knoll assembled an exclusive team of experts, several of whom are themselves widowers, and all of whom have significant experience that woudl be valued by any widower, and helpful to those who are attempting to comfort and assist a widower following their loss. To learn more about each of The Widower’s Journey's team of experts, click on the "Find Out More" button below.  Meanwhile, say hello to Dr. Deborah Carr, Ph.D.  

Deborah Carr
Deborah Carr, Ph.D.


The Widowers Support Network was honored to have the support of Dr. Deborah Carr when both researching and later when she contributed to the pages of The Widower's Journey –  Helping Men Rebuild after the Loss of Their Great Love. 

Readers of The Widower's Journey will find Dr. Carr's expertise
compliments the direction author Herb Knoll had intended for his breakout book for widowers to take, with an emphasis on the sociological underpinnings and impacts of bereavement and men.  Commenting on Dr. Carr's contribution, Knoll said: “Dr. Carr’s insights helped make The Widower's Journey the definitive resource for widowed men and those who love them. Serving as the lead subject matter expert on a team comprised of experts from the fields of financial planning, sociology, psychology, religion, medicine, law, and more. Dr. Carr enabled The Widower's Journey to establish a necessary dialogue about the specific biases in our society that contribute to the impairment of men in the face of grief and loss."

Having obtained her undergraduate degree from Connecticut College and her Ph.D. from the University of Wisconsin-Madison, Dr. Carr currently serves as a Professor at Boston University.  Previously Dr. Carr served as the Chair of Rutgers University Sociology Department, held positions at the University of Michigan-Ann Arbor and the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Dr. Carr is an internationally known expert on widowhood and bereavement, is the editor of Spousal Bereavement in Later Life (Springer, 2006), and the author of many journal articles and book chapters, many of which focus on psychological adjustment to widowhood and end-of-life issues. Her articles and chapters can be found at rci.rutgers.edu/~carrds.

Dr. Carr has authored several other books including Worried Sick: How Stress Hurts Us and How to Bounce Back (Rutgers University Press, 2014). She is editor-in-chief of Journal of Gerontology: Social Sciences and sits on the editorial board of other academic journals including Research on Aging. Dr. Carr is chair of the Section on Aging and the Life Course of the American Sociological Association and is a Fellow at both the Academy of Behavioral Medicine and Gerontological Society of America and is Member, Sociological Research Association.

Yes…Herb Knoll's approach to comforting and assisting widowers is unique.  Justifiably, Herb is extremely proud to have brought together such a distinguished panel of caring and talented experts to interpret the submittals of those whose stories you will read about in The Widower's Journey.

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