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Winter Rain

It’s December in St. Louis, Missouri.  Winter has arrived.  With the winter comes days of winter rain.  In years past, my wife and I actually enjoyed days like today (when we did not have to get outside).  I’d light a fire. We’d make some tea or coffee, and just be together. Many people find days…

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Take some time this holiday season to honor your loved one

Hard to believe, but another year is quickly ending.  The holidays mark when family and friends celebrate our traditions and enjoy the festivities associated with those sacred traditions.  My late wife, as I have stated previously, loved the holidays.  It was her time to say thanks, and I love you to our family and friends.…

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How I Help Surviving Spouses Create a Positive Financial Future

By Mark Clogan, CFP In the aftermath of a spouse’s death, many surviving spouses experience periods of financial worry and uncertainty. In addition to dealing with the emotional challenge of losing a beloved partner, they are often left to contend with unwelcome financial and legal responsibilities. As a result, you may find yourself juggling new…

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