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The Billiard Table

So many of us have commented on this site about how often triggers hijack us.  I’m no different in that regard.  I get hit up all the time.  Having lived 39 years in the same neighborhood and township, I am constantly reminded of my life with my beloved Jan almost everywhere I go. I am…

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Father’s Day Message for Children of Widowers

If your dad is a recent widower, there are ways you can help him on Father’s Day while also strengthening your family relationships. To ignore Father’s Day can be a missed opportunity and even a mistake that injects another layer of separation between the father and children. Based on my own experience, I can tell…

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Iam Tongi, Monsters, and Fatherhood

Why am I feeling so emotional? I am watching a video of Iam Tongi’s duet with James Blunt from American Idol, singing Blunt’s song “Monsters.” Watching it live brought me to tears along with everyone else . . . and it is bringing me to tears again. Three months ago, I never knew of English…

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Recent podcast episodes

Ep 39- Marv Weidner- Author of the book "When the Rocks Sing" Widower’s Journey

In this Episode of Widower’s Journey Podcast, Herb Knoll chats with widower Marv Weidner, co-author of When The Rocks Sing.  After his loss, Marv Weidner learned that grief is an organic, unstructured experience.  Listen in as both Herb and Marv examine Marv’s teachings about harnessing resiliency, facing grief head-on, embracing loss as an integral part of life, staying present in the midst of trauma, reaffirming or discovering a new sense of purpose, and more.  Learn how Marv applied his discovered learnings and discovered the Joy that awaits him in this life.   

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