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Quick Hitters are brief responses to questions from author Fred Colby to his fellow WSN contributors. They offer a variety of perspectives on some of the most challenging questions facing new widowers. Enjoy. Quick Hitter Question: When can I start dating again? (PART TWO) Contributor: Nyle Kardatzke A few days before my wife died, she…

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Dating Game

Are you old enough to remember the Dating Game television show? A man or woman would sit on one side of a screen while three suitors sat on the other side. The contestant would then ask a series of silly questions designed to bring out responses that would entertain the audience while the contestant tried…

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Dreams of your Wife

I had a beautiful, vivid dream about my wife recently. In the dream, she had been in bed with me but had gotten up. I waited for her to return, but she didn’t come back. I wondered for a few minutes why she hadn’t returned, but then I awakened enough to realize that she had…

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Recent podcast episodes

Ep 37- Raising Children as a Single Parent – Dr. Justin Yopp, Ph.D., author of The Group: Seven Widowed Fathers Reimagine Life Widower’s Journey

The Widower’s Journey Podcast is pleased to announce that we have landed an interview with Dr. Justin Yopp, Ph.D., Associate Professor at the North Carolina University Department of Psychiatry and co-author of the intriguing book, The Group – Seven Widowed Fathers Reimagine Life. Listen as your host, Herb Knoll, and Dr. Yopp discuss the background in writing The Group, and highlighted many of the best practices the seven widowed fathers devised as they raised their children as single parents.   

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