Contributing widower Rutilo Flores of Illinois tells us how, in his country, men never entered the kitchen.  It was as they say… the custom.  You can image the reservations a widower may have if they were suddendly expected to prepare a casserole or perhaps even an omelette for their children or a guest.  Someone, quick… pass me a beer and two asprin.

Take heart gents.   There are some great resources which can help with your culinary challenges including:
1.  Many Hopsice chapters have cooking classes.  Check with your local Hospice for availability, times and fees if any. Hopsice of Michigan is promoting its new book, A Meal for Me, as part of their cooking class which teaches simple strategies when cooking for one.  Recipes include: Miniature quiche, Baked frittata, Apple, celery and nut salad, Turkey Ceasar sandwich, Sesame shrimp with noodles, and many more delights.  For more information, call 888.247.5701 or visit
2.  Cooking 101: The Course for Absolute Beginners is available in the New York City area and is repeated frequently. Tuition: $335.00.
3.  To find additional opportunities to discover the joy which lerks in your kitchen, Google your local community colleges course offerings as well as any single groups which may have cooking events among their planned activities.  Heck… by attending one of these classes, you might even find someone to do the cooking. 🙂

If you discover another helpful resource, please post it to our blog.

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