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Need to Talk?

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Need someone to talk with?  Contact one of the links or hotlines listed below.

A message from The Widower’s Journey author Herb Knoll:

 “Sometimes, you just need someone to talk things over with. This happened to me when my wife Michelle approached her final days. Phil Carbone – then of the Baltimore, Maryland area was the one I turned to at 3AM one morning in March of 2008.  As I sat in my car in a hospital parking lot and in the middle of a driving rain storm I dialed Phil’s number. Phil was an old colleague of mine from the early 80s who I hadn’t seen in over ten years. But Phil was the one gentlemen I wanted to speak with. Why? Because Phil would understand what I was going through. Phil was a recent widower.” 

“I was so grateful Phil answered the phone that rainy Texas night. I needed to talk with someone. I needed to cry with someone I trusted. God Bless Phil Carbone for caring.”

Having someone to call can have a huge impact in a widower’s life. Even if you are not a widower but your bride is ill and you need someone to lean on… help is available. FIRST: If your need is a medical emergency, you are encouraged to call 911.  If you do not have a medical emergency yet you need someone to speak with, we encourage you to contact one of the links or hotlines listed on this page. If you perfer to speak with Herb Knoll, he would be happy to take your call, night or day. You can reach him at 615.579.8136. (Note: Herb is not a licensed counselor but he is a widower who has spent over ten years studying grief.)

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