God, Football, Sex & Gold-diggers

WSN: Widower to Widower with Fred Colby Admit it! How often have even the most devout of us have chosen to attend a football game (or other favorite sport or activity) instead of attending church? Or instead of spending time with your family? Or instead of honoring a previous commitment to a friend? If you… Continue reading God, Football, Sex & Gold-diggers

Escaping Anxiety

When my wife passed 4 years ago, I first experienced shock and then numbness, after that anger and depression, and after that resignation and doubts about my future without her. It wasn’t until around my sixth month of grieving that I began to experience something unfamiliar to me since my 20’s and 30’s, anxiety… and… Continue reading Escaping Anxiety

Is Contentment Even Possible?

Remember that feeling of peace, that feeling of being comfortable with yourself, your circumstances, and your marriage? Maybe you were 10, 20, or even 30 years into your marriage before you reached this point. Many of us were fortunate enough to have achieved that blissful stage of existence… even if it was only for a… Continue reading Is Contentment Even Possible?

I Don’t Know Everything!

WSN-MO: Widower to Widower with Fred Colby And… more than likely, neither do you. One of the biggest shocks of entering deep grieving as a widower is the realization of how ill-prepared we are to deal with it… much less survive it! And yet, widowers will often say things like:  “I don’t need any help,”… Continue reading I Don’t Know Everything!

You’re the Boss Now?

WSN-MO: Widower to Widower with Fred Colby Remember when you were young, married, and full of misperceptions about your life and marriage? Previously, in our more male-dominated society, you might have believed that as the husband, you were the “boss” in the family! Ha! Many of us eventually found what a joke that belief was!… Continue reading You’re the Boss Now?