I feel at ease in the arms of the world now…

There is a song that, for the last several weeks, has been on constant loop in my mind. It’s Amos Lee’s “Arms of a Woman.” In the song, he sings, “I am at ease in the arms of a woman. But most of my days, I spend alone.” Now as widowers, we can all relateContinue reading “I feel at ease in the arms of the world now…”

A “Lakota Tradition” About Grieving

WSN: Widower, Wounded, Warrior, Waking and Walking By Jeff Ziegler This subject matter has been doing the rounds on Facebook of late. But it is relevant to what I want to address in this week’s post. It starts like this: “In the Lakota tradition, a person who is grieving is considered most waken, most holy.”Continue reading “A “Lakota Tradition” About Grieving”

Accepting Choices

WSN: Widowers, Wounded, Warrior, Waling and Walking by Jeff Ziegler In the last two years, I have made some life-altering tough choices. Initially, I was going to call this post “Bad Decisions”… But “Accepting Choices” seems more appropriate. Dating Especially for my fellow widowers, I want to start with dating. It was one of theContinue reading “Accepting Choices”

Widowers, Wounded, Warrior, Waling and Walking

Desire Purpose Often, our gift to this world–the thing we are here to do–is the thing we tend to fear or dislike the most. Scary how that works. I wanted to be a writer. Here I am writing a blog, not a book. What did you want to be when you grew up? I usedContinue reading “Widowers, Wounded, Warrior, Waling and Walking”