Author: Michael Burroughs

  • Winter Rain

    Winter Rain

    It’s December in St. Louis, Missouri.  Winter has arrived.  With the winter comes days of winter rain.  In years past, my wife and I actually enjoyed days like today (when we did not have to get outside).  I’d light a fire. We’d make some tea or coffee, and just be together. Many people find days […]

  • Legacy


    My wife, Jan, was a teacher for twenty years.  At that time, I knew many of her students and was well aware of the tremendous impact she had on them.  She taught “gifted” kids at the middle school level.  Many of her peers marveled at how much she loved to teach this age group.  Part […]

  • Page Garden

    Page Garden

    My late wife, Jan, had two favorite places on earth.  At the top of that list was Christ Church, the Oxford University college where she studied for her Ph.D. in theology.  Second on that list was the Church of St. Michael and St. George in suburban St. Louis, where we first entered the Episcopal Church.  […]

  • Autumn Leaves

    Autumn Leaves

    In some of my previous articles, I mentioned how  I was a member of some cover bands during my teenage years.  It was the sixties.  Growing up in Nashville, the influence of country music surrounded me, yet it did not interest me.  I was a big Beach Boys and Beatles fan (among others).  Yet, to […]

  • The Fourth Turn

    The Fourth Turn

    By Michael K. Burroughs I had just turned 71 when my dear wife, Jan, passed away.  We were four months shy of our 52nd Anniversary.  Her doctors never expected her to make it to our 50th, following her third stroke that made her an invalid.  They expected another stroke at any time, as she had […]