Attention Widowers: IT’S TIME FOR YOU TO SHARE

So go ahead and register with and then log-on to FORUM.  Read what others are writing.  Learn from their mistakes.  And when you’re ready, share a story or two of  your own.  It’s easy.  It’s fun.  And communicating with other widowers can help those who are suffering heal…including you.  Besides…like everything associated with, itsContinue reading “Attention Widowers: IT’S TIME FOR YOU TO SHARE”

Good News

November Edition, 2014By Micki MorrisonRealtor“Meet Herb Knoll” It will probably not surprise you that in my work as a Realtor, I meet some of the most amazing, interesting and inspiring people on the planet.  From a WWII fighter jet pilot to the mother of eight children who has survived amazing challenges and demonstrated strength andContinue reading “Good News”