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  • Rediscovering Your Radar

    Rediscovering Your Radar

    Since becoming a widower, one of the most humbling discoveries that I have made is the fact that I know very little about women. While I grew to know my wife as well as I could know anyone, I simultaneously disconnected my radar associated with the pursuit of other relationships. While that was the proper…

  • The Perfect Catch

    The Perfect Catch

    WSN-MO: The Perfect Catch  A few minutes with Dating and Relationship Coach, Christine Baumgartner  Kerry Phillips started one of the widows/widowers Facebook groups I belong to and when I read this post I thought to sharew it with the mebmers of WSN-MO as a guest post. Now, here’s Kerry.  I think one of the most…

  • Love Languages

    Love Languages

    Additional ways to show the women in your life you care about them.  Last week I wrote about ways to improve listening skills between men and women. I’d like to continue in that vein by talking about other ways you can connect with those you care about. My clients are often surprised to hear that…

  • Why women talk

    Why women talk

    Let’s talk a little about your conversations with the women in your life. These could be daughters, daughters-in-law, mother, aunts, female colleagues – generally any women you come into contact with during your day. Do some of these women regularly claim that you’re “not listening” or that you’re repeatedly “interrupting” them? As a widower, you…

  • How to meet women

    How to meet women

    Ideas for you if you decide you ARE ready to start dating. My last post talked about “how to know if you’re ready to start dating”. If you think you might be ready to start meeting women (and maybe even dive into the dating world), today’s post is for you. Let’s talk about some steps…

  • Dear Abby Missed the Mark

    Dear Abby Missed the Mark

    DEAR ABBY: My wife died of cancer four years ago. She was my best friend, and the pain of losing her was more than I could cope with. I was in a fog for about two years, just going through the motions.Eventually the fear of spending the next 20 to 30 years alone drove me to try…

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