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Become a Widowers Support Network Volunteer

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Man on the computer typingHelp Suffering Widowers Heal

Unlike the resources available to widows when their spouses pass-away, few resources have been designed to assist men who become widowers.

Men are generally expected to precede their wives in death. But today, one in five men will survive their spouse, leaving them with many of the same concerns a widow would have…plus a few other concerns which are unique to men. From raising children to providing for their financial needs, maintaining a career to cooking, the challenges are many. And yes…even learning how to date all over again can be a problem for some. Unfortunately, schools don’t teach WIDOWER 101. Most of us are out there on our own, learning by trial and error. Meanwhile, most of our friends want to help us but don’t know how, so some rarely speak with us, opting instead to say things like, “I didn’t want to bother you.”

Widowers are not expected to cry. After all, we’re the hunters and the providers. Generally speaking, widowers are expected to “suck it up”…and get on with their lives. Doing so is very difficult for some and impossible for others.

Yes…becoming a widower can be daunting. The difficulty of navigating such turbulent waters can be unnecessarily painful. Wouldn’t it have been nice if previous widowers received a book like The Widower’s Journey when they loss their spouses? Think of the comfort it would have provided. It may be too late for those who preceded us, but it’s not too late for the widowers of tomorrow. By sharing your insights and the lessons you’ve learned, you might have the perfect anecdote to aid a new widower as he deals with the challenges ahead.

Becoming a Widowers Support Network (WSN) volunteer is EASY.  Your offerings of support may appear as part of one of WSN’s various communications or incorporated into one of Herb Knoll’s many speeches. You may be asked to communicate with a particular widower on a repeated basis, or participate in one of WSN’s webcasts.  Regardless of how your skills are employed, you will know you are performing a task only a widower is capable of performing.

As a volunteer contributor, you will be provided with an opportunity to pay tribute to your beloved spouse on the WidowersSupportNetwork.com website. You will also be able to honor her when you allow her passing to help heal the wounds being borne by men around the world both today, tomorrow and into the future.  If you have a picture of both your spouse and yourself – not necessarily of the two of you together – we’ll ask you to pass them along so we can include them in various applications.  (Providing pictures is purely optional, but most widowers have done so.)

NOTE: The WSN reserves the right to make the final decisions as to which submittals to accept.

Contributing Widower Application

Those wishing to serve as a non-compensated volunteer contributor to the the Widowers Support Network are asked to complete the brief application below. By doing so, applicants are requesting to be accepted as a WSN volunteer. Soon after you complete the form below, you will be contacted by WSN founder, Herb Knoll. All applications become the property of the WSN.

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