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Finally, a book is written for widowers, by widowers. Whether you’re a widower in search of assistance in dealing with anyone of the many challenges facing widowers, or you are a family member or friend eager to comfort a widower, The Widower’s Journey is a perfect choice.

Nine years in the making, The Widower’s Journey shares the insights of over 40 widowers from across America as well as the sage advice of fifteen subject matter experts from the fields of sociology, psychology, law, personal finance, religion, and more.

May 2017 – Letter received by our office
“It‘s hard to find the words to explain how grateful I am to have received this book. It has made a huge impact on my outlook going forward and provided me with hope and comfort. While I would never wish to have a friend go through this experience, I now know exactly what to give them to help them cope – a copy of this book.”

You say you’re not a widower, but you want to help a widower who is grieving. Again, The Widower’s Journey is the best available source of valued information the widower can review at his leisure and in the privacy of his home.

The Widower’s Journey is not just for widowers… Widows like it too.
While the widower’s journey was written specifically for men, many widows have told us how much they enjoyed and benefitted from reading it too.

June 25, 2017 – Review posted on Amazon.com
(Five Stars)“The book is not just for men. I read it and got lots of good ideas from it. Thanks for sharing the info.”

The perfect sympathy gift for your family, friends or clients who have lost a loved one.
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