Holiday Greetings

So here we are again. Another Holiday season. This marks the 5th consecutive crazy Christmas for me. Christmas in 2018 had my late wife Joyce just completing her first round of a terrible chemotherapy. By Christmas 2019 she had passed away.

We all know how the first Christmas goes. Then came 2020 and that silly Covid! Things started to get normal until Christmas of 2021 when most of my tribe was down with Covid. This year, as I sit and write this, the Midwest is preparing to get a Christmas blizzard and my daughter may or may not get home from Oregon! Many of those I love most are down once again with Covid. Once again, my Christmas plans are in pencil.

This has compelled me to really take stock and count my blessings. I’m healthy. My daughter is healthy. We are in good places both physically and emotionally. None of the items and issues impacting this Christmas are terminal. The storm will end. My daughter will get here when and if she is able. My Covid inflicted friends will recover. Once again I am reminded to put energy only in what I can control.

If you’re reading this, you understand the whirlwind and myriad of emotions we all live with, especially at the holidays. I have only one thing to say. Keep breathing. Take a minute for yourself. You’re ok!

Merry Christmas to all my brothers. Love you all


One response to “Holiday Greetings”

  1. Steven Schoenecker Avatar
    Steven Schoenecker

    Thank you and a Merry Christmas to you also.


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