Valentine’s Day for the broken-hearted

February 14th conjures up images of love and romance. Yet, some of us have only memories to hold on to. How do I celebrate this special day of love without the one I have loved? My heart, which still bursts with love, now feels heavy with pain akin to unrequited love. As much as I love my spouse, I will never hear him say those words, “I love you,” which would so melt my heart. My memories bring me comfort and pain all at once. Therefore, that is not a place I can linger.

The unfailing love of my husband was only promised to me “until death did us part”; all anticipation of eternal love can only be renewed when we meet in eternity. Hopelessness and sadness could be the hallmarks of this and every future Valentine’s Day unless I decide not to let it be so.

Amid my loneliness, I choose to celebrate love – the love I once had, the love I continue to feel in my heart, the love I feel for those I still have in this world, and the only unfailing eternal love: the love of God. There will be sadness mingled with joy. But I am thankful that I once loved and was loved in a way that some can only dream of.

Have a Happy Valentine’s Day – even if it is not all you hoped for, even if it is not perfect, because what you once had and what you continue to have are worth celebrating.

1 John 4:18

There is no fear in love!


Cynthia Mascarenhas was widowed on February 4, 2018, when she lost her husband of 29 years, Franz Mascarenhas, to a sudden heart attack. Following the passing of Franz, Cynthia founded Walk With A Widow, a non-profit organization whose primary focus if healing the hearts of widows by giving love and hope to widows around the world. As one would expect, much of the material crafted for widows can also be of help to widowers.

Cynthia’s insightful articles will appear periodically here on WSN-MO. You can contact Cynthia at her website,


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