In this season of uncertainty, fear lurks around every corner; it governs every decision; it steals our joy!

Ask anyone who deals with the devastation of death, disease, or divorce. Tentative living is not what we are called to do; Yet, FEAR is REAL. Where then should we turn for hope? To the one true source of perfect love.

Our faith in an immutable God was never meant to be a sprint. It was always destined to be a marathon. As a track and field athlete, I can attest to the exhilaration of the 100-meter dash. I knew I could do it!  All I needed was a strong start, a powerful burst of speed, and voila, I was at the finish line. The marathon, however, takes endurance; it takes perseverance. It takes trusting that elements out of our control would continue to run in our favor. There are no assurances along the way that your hamstring would hold up, or that your resilience would stand the test of prolonged hardship. But that is what it takes to have persevering faith. It takes trusting that no matter what the outcome, we place our total trust in a God who controls every outcome; the seen and the unseen.

This race is not about who finishes first; it is about who finishes well. We all have to finish; checking out mid-way is not an option. So choose whom you represent on this run called life – As for me and my house, we choose the Lord! He models perfect love! We rest in that Perfect Love which Casts Out All Fear!


Following the passing of her husband in 2018, Cynthia founded Walk With A Widow, a non-profit organization whose primary focus if healing the hearts of widows by giving love and hope to widows around the world. As one would expect, much of the material crafted for widows can also be of help to widowers.

A registered nurse, Cynthia recently released her new book, Widows Are Warriors. Cynthia’s insightful articles will appear periodically here on WSN-MO. You can contact Cynthia at her website,


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