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  • How I Help Surviving Spouses Create a Positive Financial Future

    How I Help Surviving Spouses Create a Positive Financial Future

    By Mark Clogan, CFP In the aftermath of a spouse’s death, many surviving spouses experience periods of financial worry and uncertainty. In addition to dealing with the emotional challenge of losing a beloved partner, they are often left to contend with unwelcome financial and legal responsibilities. As a result, you may find yourself juggling new […]

  • Do You Have Male Friends?

    Do You Have Male Friends?

    Noted clinical psychologist Edward Zimmer, MA, from Savannah, Georgia, is a friend of mine. You may recognize his name as he was a contributor to my book, The Widower’s Journey, and has been a guest on my podcast, Widower’s Journey Podcast. Better said, he is a childhood friend I first met on a baseball diamond when I was only […]

  • Legacy


    My wife, Jan, was a teacher for twenty years.  At that time, I knew many of her students and was well aware of the tremendous impact she had on them.  She taught “gifted” kids at the middle school level.  Many of her peers marveled at how much she loved to teach this age group.  Part […]

  • Grief and Regrets

    Grief and Regrets

    by David Knapp Shortly after my first wife, Ruth died, I heard a song by a musical couple in Michigan, Steve and Annie Chapman. The song was “No Regrets.” it spoke of the pain and recovery of a man who had lost his wife. Some lyrics included: “He has an empty house, he has an […]

  • Surviving the Holidays

    Surviving the Holidays

    Many will tell you that within a week of your wife’s passing, you must steel yourself against the trauma of upcoming special days and holidays. We each are likely to have very different experiences during these special days. Your reaction will depend on how important and memorable each of those days was for you and […]

  • Photographs


    Recently while driving, I heard the song Photograph by Ringo Starr.  As Ringo stated many years ago, he and George Harrison wrote that song together, but it took on a new meaning for Ringo after George’s death from cancer.  As I listened to the song’s words, I heard that haunting line, “All I’ve got is […]

  • Game Plan…for a Better Tomorrow

    Game Plan…for a Better Tomorrow

    The end of the year can be a tricky time for many people. The current state you are in may, at times, give way to the propensity to judge your entire existence by your present circumstances. Among the many teachings, I have been affected by is Dr. Eric Stoltz’s teaching “The Adversity Quotient.” When I […]

  • Page Garden

    Page Garden

    My late wife, Jan, had two favorite places on earth.  At the top of that list was Christ Church, the Oxford University college where she studied for her Ph.D. in theology.  Second on that list was the Church of St. Michael and St. George in suburban St. Louis, where we first entered the Episcopal Church.  […]

  • First Ever-Date? Girlfriend? or Lover?

    First Ever-Date? Girlfriend? or Lover?

    Was your wife the first woman/girl you ever: Either directly (through my website or Facebook page) or indirectly (through Widowers Support Network), I frequently hear from others who experienced one of these “firsts” with their wives. And I have often wondered how that might impact the grief journey for these brothers in grief. While that […]

  • Courage at the Crossroads

    Courage at the Crossroads

    My dear brothers, recently, I found myself experiencing another visit to an all too familiar place, “the crossroads.” First, let me give you a little background about how I choose to navigate life. I strongly believe in the practice of dividing my life into three distinct silos, my personal life, my spiritual life, and my […]