“Love You Different”

Like many men who have lost a wife, Herb Knoll did not believe he could ever love again. Of course, this was long before he met his wife, Maria. One night, it occurred to Herb how, should he ever fall in love again, it might well be with a widow, especially given his age. This was the birth of the song “Love You Different.” Those who have experienced the loss of a spouse, a life partner, or a close relationship; listen as Herb captured in verse a tender song about a widower who falls in love with a widow.
Three of Herb’s recording artists, friends from Nashville, entered a studio to record this genuinely unique track. Pictured below are (L-R) Kim Parent, Rob Harris, and Marcia Ramirez. Together, they tweaked Herb’s original lyrics and then brought it to life. We hope you enjoy “Love You Different” and ask that you share it with your friends. The lyrics can be found on here and appear on page 107 of Herb’s popular book, The Widower’s Journey.

“Love You Different”

Music by: Kim Parent, Rob Harris, & Marcia Ramirez

Lyrics by: Herb Knoll, Kim Parent, Rob Harris & Marcia Ramirez

I have come to know
The heart can love again
Even after true love has passed into the wind
There’s no need to explain
What you’re going through
‘ Cause not long ago I lost an angel, too
I know you miss him
But I’ll love you different
I won’t replace him or ask you to forget
Love him all the same
That’s not for me to change
I know you miss him
But I’ll love you different

Even as we let them go
Part of them will stay
Woven deep into our lives and who we are today
That’s something we can celebrate
So let me wipe your tears away, my beautiful friend
I believe they’d tell us it’s okay to love again

4 responses to ““Love You Different””

  1. Laura Avatar

    I’m a widow dating a widower and he sent me this today. It’s really hard to move forward knowing that I still love my deceased husband and that he still loves his deceased wife. Sometimes it feels wrong to begin to have feelings for someone else, logically my mind tells me I completed my marriage vows. My heart on the other hand still grieves for my late husband.

    Finding someone who is walking my same path after loss has been comforting because they know everything you are going through. I am hopeful after time our hearts can fully embrace this new relationship


  2. Paul Greene Avatar

    Very well said, Herb ! Thanks for confirming what I have recently come to believe !


  3. knightflyer67 Avatar

    Great song Herb, brought a tear to my eye…


  4. Margarita Fisher Avatar

    So Herb, are you married to Maria now? Or is she the wife who passed away? The song is beautiful. Only a widower could write that because he understands completely how we feel.
    BTW I don’t have a website.


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