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  • Widower Wearing Wedding Ring Sparks Huge Discussion

    Widower Wearing Wedding Ring Sparks Huge Discussion

    Recently I was asked to contribute to a discussion on this topic that attracted over 4,500 online comments. The topic was launched by a woman who confronted a widower about his wearing a wedding band eight months after his wife passed. The following article was featured on Bored Panda, an international online publication. Woman Confused […]

  • Life Lives On

    Life Lives On

    Song: Life Lives OnPerformed by: Kim ParentWritten by: Ken Harrell Produced by: Herb KnollLyric Video by: Shane Farmer / REMRAF LLChttp://[email protected] PLEASE HELP Herb Knoll has produced a song titled; “Life Lives On.” It is intended to encourage people to donate organs during this season of giving. Herb’s friends, in Nashville, Ken Harrell wrote the […]

  • “Love You Different”

    Like many men who have lost a wife, Herb Knoll did not believe he could ever love again. Of course, this was long before he met his wife, Maria. One night, it occurred to Herb how, should he ever fall in love again, it might well be with a widow, especially given his age. This […]

  • Anticipatory Grief – An Early On-Ramp to One’s Grief Journey

    By Herb Knoll Author: The Widower’s Journey Loss of a spouse or a life partner can occur suddenly, as in the case of a drug overdose, an auto accident, or someone falling down a flight of stairs. Some spouses are lost to their families following a prolonged illness such as cancer, dementia, or Multiple Sclerosis, […]

  • “Sometimes our healing happens when we change the way we relate to the things that will not change” – Vienna Pharaon

    By Tom Peyton As I mentioned in a previous column, I receive daily inspirational quotes, and this one arrived not only from the site that sends them but forwarded as well from a high school classmate to me. They are both asking me to examine the quote and unravel its meaning. I will give it […]

  • Herb Knoll Honors His Journey And Becomes the Unintentional Widower Whisperer

    It started as a step toward healing himself…became a book, a podcast and a ministry. As a bank executive, Herb Knoll was known as a man who could get the job done. But when Knoll lost his wife to cancer he found no resources to help him recover. The more he learned about the plight […]

  • Invocation – April 2021

    Invocation – April 2021

    Uploaded_INVOCATION APRIL 2021 2.pdf (

  • Letter to An Old Friend

    Recently, while doing my dishes, I decided to take the time to write a letter to an old friend. Though we have had the opportunity to talk here and there, it always seems like the thoughts shared are just fleeting most of the time. I find that one of the best ways of catching up […]

  • I feel at ease in the arms of the world now…

    I feel at ease in the arms of the world now…

    There is a song that, for the last several weeks, has been on constant loop in my mind. It’s Amos Lee’s “Arms of a Woman.” In the song, he sings, “I am at ease in the arms of a woman. But most of my days, I spend alone.” Now as widowers, we can all relate […]

  • Open to Hope Radio

    Open to Hope Radio

    Looking for insights on the challenges faced by men after spouse or partner loss?  Join Dr. Heidi and Dr. Gloria Horsley and Herb Knoll bereaved spouse, retired banking executive, professional speaker, columnist, and founder of the widowers support network. Herb is the author of the The Widower’s Journey.