Be part of the herd

Hello Brothers! I haven’t written much lately. I have, however, been watching the forum, reading many of your posts and cheering you on as you courageously deal with so many issues and challenges of life and death. I’m so impressed by the young men in our group who have instantly become school teachers, IT experts,… Continue reading Be part of the herd

Letter to An Old Friend

Recently, while doing my dishes, I decided to take the time to write a letter to an old friend. Though we have had the opportunity to talk here and there, it always seems like the thoughts shared are just fleeting most of the time. I find that one of the best ways of catching up… Continue reading Letter to An Old Friend

No Such Thing As Closure

There is closure on real estate deals, businesses deals, etc. but there is no such thing as closure on a relationship. Closure means the end of a deal. It’s done, over, completed. All conditions have been met. No more expectations that need to be fulfilled. Closure relates to deals, not life, not relationships. As far… Continue reading No Such Thing As Closure

Death, Disease , Divorce

#death #Disease #Divorce – they leave us with painful memories of traumatic moments. Yet, we must find a way to grab life by the horns and keep living, not merely existing but truly living. Words to live by: Remember…. But do not forget to keep moving forward. Or as my husband will say, “It is… Continue reading Death, Disease , Divorce

Don’t Expect Others to Know What to Do Following Your Loss

Following the passing of a wife or life-partner, it is the widower who needs support, not the deceased. So why is it that so many widowed men complain about their sense of abandonment by their families, friends, neighbors, and co-workers following their loss? Behaviors and interactions with those who you would hope would be of… Continue reading Don’t Expect Others to Know What to Do Following Your Loss