#UpspiralGrief with Herb Knoll

Herb Knoll is a former banking executive turned widower advocate. Herb lost his bride, Michelle Knoll in 2008 to pancreatic cancer. He soon discovered there was few resources available for widowers in dealing with their grief. He resigned his position and rededicated his life to helping widowed men. Herb published his book, The Widower’s Journey and hosts the podcast, “Widower’s Journey Podcast,” which currently has followers in 44 countries. Herb also hosts the Facebook Page, “Widower’s Support Network – Members Only,” exclusively for widowed men, which currently serves over 2,000 men in 38 countries 365 days each year. Herb and his new wife Maria reside in Florida, USA. Note: These interviews are recorded & shared on various platforms to spread positive & inspiring impulses around the globe on how to deal with loss differently to what society currently has on offer! For further resources please visit MarieAlessi.com.


One response to “#UpspiralGrief with Herb Knoll”

  1. Ginger das Avatar
    Ginger das

    I’m so glad you are helping so many people. I hope one day you and your wife will come to have lunch with me at oakmonte village. I would like to learn more about grief support


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