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  • It’s the Holiday Season, and Grief doesn’t take a break

    It’s the Holiday Season, and Grief doesn’t take a break

    Yes, it is that time of the year again.  It’s when family and friends gather to celebrate the special days: Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, Christmas, and Kwanzaa, punctuated by office parties, friends gathering to share a meal, some drinks, and a bunch of laughs and lots of good times.  They are described in word and song as […]

  • Autumn Leaves

    Autumn Leaves

    In some of my previous articles, I mentioned how  I was a member of some cover bands during my teenage years.  It was the sixties.  Growing up in Nashville, the influence of country music surrounded me, yet it did not interest me.  I was a big Beach Boys and Beatles fan (among others).  Yet, to […]

  • Accepting Your Partner’s Faults

    Accepting Your Partner’s Faults

    By Fred Colby “Mother Theresa” is what my daughters and many of her friends called my wife during her lifetime. This was initially inspired when she dressed up like Mother Theresa during a Halloween celebration at Wangenheim Middle School, where she worked part-time. She carried a donation jar labeled “Help Mother Theresa Go to the […]

  • Familiar Places

    Familiar Places

    Familiar Places I know this happens to you.  As you travel around your town, you pass by many places that were once either special or routine to you and your late wife.  If you’re like me, sometimes you pass by them absentmindedly.  Other times it brings tears to your eyes. For me, the places are […]

  • So Tied To You

    So Tied To You

    My late wife, Jan, loved music.  Her tastes in music varied widely.  We began dating in 1969, on the tail end of the fabulous 60s era of music.  Our first decade of marriage was the 70s.  The best songs of that era stayed with us throughout her life, as they reminded us of happy times […]

  • Life After Death?

    Life After Death?

    After our wife passes, many of us will ask the question we desperately want an answer to: “Does she still exist? Is she still aware of me? Can she hear me or see me? Is there any way for me to communicate with her?” No matter our religious beliefs, some struggle to make sense of […]

  • Holding onto the Memories

    Holding onto the Memories

    WSN: Day by Day by Chris Brandt At first, I felt I wanted a small “shrine” of my late wife. It had only been a few days since she passed, and I wanted to have a visual element to view. I put a 5”x7” picture, her obituary, her last communion bottle, and her box of […]

  • The Joy We Need

    The Joy We Need

    WSN: Day by Day, with Chris Brandt We all are familiar with a house that is only a fallacy of what it once was. The house at one time was a place we went to after work or fishing that brought a smile to our faces. You know the smile for which I am talking. […]

  • Saying Thank You

    Saying Thank You

    Quarantine allowed us to take some time off from worrying about our appearances. However, to some people, it was a daunting task. One of the good things to come out of this forced time-out is that many people started to understand the value of such workers as hairdressers, nail technicians, masseurs, waiters, and so many […]

  • Memory and Memories

    Memory and Memories

    Our memories, in many ways, are a storehouse of who we are. Remembering past events tells you something about who you are. We widow-men face practical issues of memory: our ability to remember names, appointments, and where we have left things. There are also memories that we want to keep: mental pictures of scenes we […]