WSN-MO: Hump Day Healing (TM)

I received this card in the mail yesterday.

Like so many of our youth, I was tracked into a career path that was based on my parents’ socioeconomic standing, what my guidance counselors thought I’d be good at, and the current educational trend that seemed to align with those, Mathematics and Computer Science.

It is true that I loved math and all gadgetry things, but what no one knew about me was that at 12 years old I sunbathed on my sidewalk and dreamt about being the world’s youngest author.

It wasn’t until I was in my 30s, feeling broken after that seven-year cycle of significant, life loss events, that a counselor asked me what I dreamt about doing with my life. I had worked many jobs that I truly enjoyed, working with people I adored and some I did not, but I was always proud to have been self sufficient, to be able to take care of myself and contribute to my family’s welfare.

And yet there was a burning in me that preceded that 12-year-old dream. As far back as I can remember, I wanted to help people (and animals) who were hurting.

Hank was that counselor’s name. He was the first person who encouraged me to truly follow that dream of writing, which turns out to be one of the ways I ended up fulfilling that youngest childhood dream of helping heal worlds of hurt.

Sometimes Life happens in the midst of our plans and we get sidetracked for a while. I haven’t been writing or posting or truly following that passion for almost two years now because of said Life Stuff. But I’m slowly making my way back to myself and to you, Neighbor. Together…together we are helping heal worlds of hurt, and when you follow your dreams in whatever way you’re able to, you heal yourself, which in turn helps heal the world around you.

One final note. About 5 years ago a woman in education said to me, “It’s a little late in life for you to be starting this work.” I had what I call a 5-minute identity crisis and then I wished her well on her journey and got over it.

It’s never too late to follow your dream, Neighbor. Never. Yes, you might have to modify your dreams a little along the way. I’ll never be the world’s youngest author, but I have published one book, I’m dusting off the second I put on hold when Life happened, and I have countless more books to come! And that little girl dream? I simply had to learn that healing a world of suffering meant helping one person at a time…

What dream have you been carrying inside, Neighbor? Share in a comment below and tag

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