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  • Winter Rain

    Winter Rain

    It’s December in St. Louis, Missouri.  Winter has arrived.  With the winter comes days of winter rain.  In years past, my wife and I actually enjoyed days like today (when we did not have to get outside).  I’d light a fire. We’d make some tea or coffee, and just be together. Many people find days […]

  • Part 2: The Challenge

    Part 2: The Challenge

    In an intimate relationship, and there is none more intimate than marriage, whatever is hidden will come to the surface. Jasmine and I had a solid relationship built upon the foundation of our faith in Jesus Christ. But we are all uniquely different from one another, and if we are not careful, our differences can […]

  • What is My Purpose Now?

    What is My Purpose Now?

    When I turned 30 years of age I went through a life crisis. I hated my job, had no clear goals, and did not know what I wanted to do. Consequently, I was drinking too much and was probably not much fun to be around for my wife and kids. One day after a particularly […]

  • Part 1: Like The Road To Hana

    Part 1: Like The Road To Hana

    Driving the Road to Hana on the northeast coastline of Maui, Hawaii, can be treacherous. There are 617 hairpin turns and fifty-nine one-lane bridges. Carefully navigating this narrow winding road for sixty-four miles creates constant tension for the driver. It is hard to enjoy the tropical scenery while being transfixed on survival. The Road to […]

  • Game Plan…for a Better Tomorrow

    Game Plan…for a Better Tomorrow

    The end of the year can be a tricky time for many people. The current state you are in may, at times, give way to the propensity to judge your entire existence by your present circumstances. Among the many teachings, I have been affected by is Dr. Eric Stoltz’s teaching “The Adversity Quotient.” When I […]

  • Epitaph – Words of Hope

    Epitaph – Words of Hope

    Epitaph is defined as “words written in memory of a person who has died.” Sometimes it’s a phrase or a sentence that captures the essence of the person.  An epitaph is frequently seen on a tombstone of someone who has passed away.  It’s also the title of a beautiful poem by a woman named Merrit […]

  • Can We Go Home Again?

    Can We Go Home Again?

    by Jim Winner. Hello friends.  I haven’t written much lately.  I’ve been lurking, watching, learning, and observing you, my brothers, on our collective paths.  As of this writing, I am three years and three months into my journey.  If there were a grief degree, I, like many of you, would hold a Ph.D.  For the […]

  • “If You Feel You are in a black hole, don’t give up. There’s A Way Out” – Stephen Hawking

    “If You Feel You are in a black hole, don’t give up. There’s A Way Out” – Stephen Hawking

    by Tom Peyton Stephen Hawking, the English theoretical physicist, was probably one of the greatest minds ever to exist.  My feeble mind could never attempt to understand the workings of this genius, but a few of his famous quotes always inspired me.  What strikes me about the passage mentioned above is that Hawking believed something […]

  • Familiar Places

    Familiar Places

    Familiar Places I know this happens to you.  As you travel around your town, you pass by many places that were once either special or routine to you and your late wife.  If you’re like me, sometimes you pass by them absentmindedly.  Other times it brings tears to your eyes. For me, the places are […]

  • A Shout Out to Everyone Trying Right Now

    A Shout Out to Everyone Trying Right Now

    A couple of weeks ago, Brother Larry Ahrens shared a brief thought from SC Laurie titled “A Shout Out to Everyone Trying Right Now.” This amazingly well-put-together thought was also written about so poignantly last week by Brother Tom Peyton. At that time, I posed the idea with Tom about offering articles built around this […]