Who Rescued Whom?

WSN-MO: Guest Columnist, Tom Peyton

I have been on the Widowers Journey for over four months, and although I struggle at times, I never stop moving forward. Even though the journey is challenging, I wake up each day and push forward determined to pay tribute to my wife by following the mantra of Herb Knoll: “Celebrate your wife’s life by living yours.”

Two weeks ago, I decided to begin my search online for a prospective dog to adopt. I asked my local shelter about a three-legged pet whom I thought would be a great companion. Unfortunately, he was adopted and is currently living with a beautiful family.

I started my search again and found a beautiful lab mix; part Great Dane, part St. Bernard, possibly Dalmatian-Once. Will not know for certain until I get the DNA test back.

Since he piqued my curiosity, I decided to arrange a meet and greet. Petey, as he is known, was playful, affectionate, and curious; I thought he might be my new furry companion.

We went for a long walk, and he kept looking back at me; I think he needed some reassurance we would be a good match.

I learned from his foster mom he was abandoned in Tennessee and has been in Upstate New York for about a week. She told me he is good with other dogs, likes children, and enjoys being an 80-pound lap dog. I went home to think about it, and within hours I knew he was the one. Three days later, I was picking up my new friend: Petey.

He was so excited when I met him again at the shelter. With his head bobbing and tail spinning faster than the final spin cycle on the washing machine, my new friend had chosen me. I brought my granddaughter for the trip home, and she stayed with him at the rear of my truck. He felt very much at home after sniffing and smelling every part of the truck. When he arrived at my home, my other grandchildren welcomed him with inexplicable joy. I do not know what I enjoyed more, watching him chase them through the house or watching them cuddle and caress him while showing him tons of love.

Indeed, my wife played a role in Petey, now being part of my life. A few months before she died, she made me promise to save a few animals. I told her I would start with one.

Dogs are remarkable creatures; they learn to trust again after being hurt and abandoned by someone they thought would give them a forever home. They provide unconditional love that transcends time and space. They teach us how to start over on a new path in life and how we can heal from a tragedy.

As I move forward in my journey accompanied by a new furry friend, I realize I did not rescue him; instead, he saved me. He is giving me a purpose, a meaning, and a desire to move forward each day.

I think my wife knew that when she asked me to save an animal.

Strength and support to all our brothers.


Known as Tom Peytom, (pay the property man) for over 25 years, Tom has owned and managed SG Property Management of Saratoga Inc. He and his late wife manage over 40 properties, and they service over 125 tenants throughout the Capital Region of New York State. Tom became a member of the WSN-MO on May 17th. 2020. You can write Tom c/o Facebook messenger.

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