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  • Do We Ever Live Again? Or Do We Just Exist?

    Do We Ever Live Again?     Or Do We Just Exist?

    by Cynthia Mascarenhas Life drags on. In one sense, it is mundane. In another, it is so full of unpredictability. Unexpected emotional peaks and troughs. Unexpected challenges to our emotional, psychological, and physical health. The inability to envision a future, dream, plan, and have a sense of excitement. An overwhelming sense of despair characterizes each […]

  • Accepting Your Partner’s Faults

    Accepting Your Partner’s Faults

    By Fred Colby “Mother Theresa” is what my daughters and many of her friends called my wife during her lifetime. This was initially inspired when she dressed up like Mother Theresa during a Halloween celebration at Wangenheim Middle School, where she worked part-time. She carried a donation jar labeled “Help Mother Theresa Go to the […]

  • Surviving the Holiday Abyss

    Surviving the Holiday Abyss

    Everyone will start to tell you within a week of your wife’s passing that you must steel yourself against the trauma of upcoming special days and holidays. We each are likely to have very different experiences during these special days. Much of your reaction will depend upon how important and memorable each of those days […]

  • Thankful for a Life Well Lived

    Thankful for a Life Well Lived

    About a week ago I saw an interview conducted with Steven Roberts husband, widower and best- selling author of a new book about his late wife Cokie Roberts entitled Cokie Roberts: A Life Well Lived.  At the start of the interview the interviewer spoke about the impact Cokie Roberts had on her life as a […]



    If you are a widower looking for help, ideas, or support, this blog is for you! At this time of year many of us have a difficult time getting through all the poignant reminders of our spouse. This is NOT the time to be the silent loner. It is the time to reach out to […]

  • Your Adult Children

    Your Adult Children

    “And he will turn the hearts of fathers to their children and the hearts of children to their fathers.” Malachi 4:6 Your adult children have suffered a significant loss too. You probably have done what you could to comfort them and give them wisdom about life without their mother. However, the fact remains that they […]

  • An Open Letter To Newly Widowed Men

    An Open Letter To Newly Widowed Men

    Donated by Ed Hersch of Pearland, Texas, USA, in hopes that it will help others. Author Unknown. Dear Sons: We have all been through a most tragic situation, the loss of your dear Mother and my wife. Each of us are dealing with Mom’s passing in a different way. There is no right or wrong […]

  • The Fall Season -Nature is Splendiferous!

    The Fall Season -Nature is Splendiferous!

    Splendiferous is a real word that captures the essence of the Fall season. It speaks of the beauty, glamour, majesty, and any adjective you can think of that describes the magnificence of the season. I am blessed to live in Upstate New York. The fall season is the best time of the year. For my […]

  • Crossroads


    Throughout my six years of being a widower, I have faced several times that I have been at a crossroads when it comes to making decisions about my future.Do I move, relocate to another city, pursue this relationship are all among the crossroads decisions that have entered my thoughts. Recently, I have found myself at […]

  • Life is for the Living!

    Life is for the Living!

    Some winning thoughts by Jim Winner Life is for the living! I went to the mountains of Pennsylvania last week to spend Thanksgiving with a few family members. Six of us gathered in my father’s cabin and enjoyed three days of relaxing, visiting, and sharing life. My father died in an automobile accident ten years […]