Nooks and Crannies

Nooks and Crannies

Day by Day with Chris Brandt

            There is something that never seems to change, that is the fact that I wake up, and it is a brand new day. Some mornings come sooner than others, but when I open my eyes, it is a new day with new opportunities each morning. This scenario never fails.

            In my bedroom, on the dresser next to my bed, I have some pictures. They are pictures of my late wife. When my wife first passed, I knew I wanted those pictures there, and I would not have it any other way. After a few months, I questioned having the images there. Now, about a year and a half since she passed, I still am sure I want them there. I like having her there when I go to bed, and I like having her there when I wake up. It gives me a piece of happiness.

            Happiness can be found in all sorts of places. We need to make a conscious effort to look in all the little nooks and crannies for happiness. One thing is for sure, recognize what makes you happy and do more of what that is. I like the pictures, I want to reminisce, I like to watch the same shows that we once did, and I like going to the same places we would go.

            The examples I give for me finding happiness will probably be different in your case, but also know that there are many other things where I find happiness. There are still wildflowers coming up in the spring, and I know my wife planted them, I see our son doing the things she taught him, and the list goes on and on. Many times, it’s a matter of looking back at the root of what you notice. This is something I did not do at first. Maybe I was afraid to, or perhaps I did not look at things that way.

            Just remember that some things you see as sad today may look different not far down the road. I will leave you with this thought. I recently pulled the old trailer out from behind my sheds lean-to. It had been under there for a long time. It was dirty and cobwebs and dusty. I pulled it out into the yard to use later. Shortly after, the sky turned dark grey, and the wind picked up. I dreaded seeing this storm coming. I went inside and left the yard work for tomorrow. When I went out the following day, that dreaded storm washed the trailer, and it looked great! Some things aren’t always as dreaded as they seem.

Blessings, my brothers.  


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