Leaving Your House Forever

My wife died in October 2010, and I lived alone in my house in Indianapolis until recently. She and I bought our house in 1993 when we moved from another state. At that time, our three children lived at home and were in grades 11, 8, and 4 at school.

One by one, the kids went to college and began meeting potential spouses. We soon had three “in-law kids,” and then grandchildren began to arrive. The house started to shrink, but we could still have everyone sleeping at our house during their Christmas visits.

The visits continued after my wife died, and I often visited my adult children in the cities where they had settled. Our kids bought houses and settled in the cities where they now lived, and sometimes they didn’t come to my house for Christmas. My house began to grow silent and overly large.

I visited a senior living place a few miles from my house and near my son’s home, and I began considering moving there. The senior living place has a full range of living arrangements, from independent living to skilled nursing. As I thought about the move, my house gradually started feeling less familiar and less like my home. It was the same house, but I could tell I was approaching the time when I would need to leave it.

The time came less than two weeks ago. The apartment I had been waiting for became available, and I had 48 hours to decide. I took the apartment and engaged a company that specializes in moves for older people like me. On the appointed day, they backed a big moving truck into my driveway and began to fill it under the direction of a senior living specialist. By the end of the day, my apartment was set up, complete with a bed, bathroom, kitchen equipment, and decorations on the walls. This was my new home. My first night in my apartment was my 83rd birthday.

My three adult children are thankful I have moved, and my grandchildren enjoy visiting my apartment. My children were concerned about my safety and health in the house, and they liked knowing that there was food service in the building where I live.

I still own my house, but I will sell it soon. There are twinges of sadness about leaving the house, but I have many memories of our family’s good times there. If you are considering selling your house and moving, you will need to find the right time and way to do it. With careful shopping and prayer, you will decide whether to move and when and where.

May you find the right place for the next years of your life. A new life may be awaiting you.


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