Strengthen What Remains

My dear Brothers. Over the past three plus years, I have had the privilege of sharing my thoughts with you. I have found this opportunity to be a tremendous honor. But as many things in life, I find it time to move forward with other projects and priorities in my life. Herb has honored me by sharing plans to continue to offer up the more than fifty articles that I have written for this group in the future, however this will be my final article as a part of this incredible faculty of writers the WSN has amassed over the years.

I will continue to be a member of the group of course and will continue to be inspired by and moved about what I read on a daily basis. We are brothers for life.

When thinking about what to share with you all in this final undertaking, I decided to leave with a article that not only encourages you all but challenge you at the same time.

Recently, I was listening to a talk that used the title I have decided to borrow as the title of my final article. “Strengthen What Remains.” Recently have gone through a period of what I call “restless peace”. I have come to grips with the differences that my future holds. Instead of defaulting to completely mourning the past, I have decided to endeavor to strengthen my future. Yes life moving forward will be different than my life with my late wife, but I have been given an opportunity to love again in a very different form.

I tend to look at life in what I call the “triangle of existence”. I look at my personal life, my spiritual life, and my professional life. In this particular undertaking, I am choosing to undertake a new focus in strengthening the areas and relationships within my family and friends, my faith, and purpose for my remaining time of my life.

I plan to really focus on enjoying family. That means repairing some relationships that have gone a bit astray in recent times. Accepting some differences, but focusing on the similarities over our differences. Being connected is far more important than being right.

With my newfound love comes a whole new bevy of family, who have embraced me and it has been fun getting to know better. Trust me when I tell you that there is a lot of family to become acquainted with!

In the area of faith, I have found a nice space with time. I have become even more appreciative of the extraordinary journey that I call my life. Instead of ruminating about how many experiences seem just more of the same, I have learned to appreciate the cumulation of the privilege of having had these experiences at all. As a Christian, I can truly say that God has been good to me!

During the many thoughts that I have shared with you over the years, I have mentioned many times that I believe every man needs a purpose. As I look to my next phase of life, I see myself transitioning from traditional work to a more creative life. There is a new book to promote, yet another to write. A First 365 Workbook to go along with The First 365, rededicating myself to more public speaking, as well as learning more about this thing call digital marketing through social media. Just writing these words lets me know that there is still much to do.

In closing, strengthening what remains can allow us to regain momentum, possibly offer another point of view or inspire us in previously unexplored areas. This undertaking may not be for today but may be a useful tool for the right time in the future. So, there you have it. Again, I have enjoyed the opportunity to share this journey with you all. Please take very good care of yourself, give yourself the grace you deserve.


A message from Herb Knoll, Founder of the Widower’s Support Network, LLC.

Terrell L. Whitener was among the early contributors to the WSN, penning his thoughts – and in many ways, his personal journey, every two weeks for several years. His wit as well as his fresh insights will be missed during the coming days, but we will continue to reprise his many works. To Terrell, you are a man among men. Thank you.


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