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  • A Widower’s Journey-Herb Knoll – Men n’ More-Podcast

  • Do You Have Male Friends?

    Do You Have Male Friends?

    Noted clinical psychologist Edward Zimmer, MA, from Savannah, Georgia, is a friend of mine. You may recognize his name as he was a contributor to my book, The Widower’s Journey, and has been a guest on my podcast, Widower’s Journey Podcast. Better said, he is a childhood friend I first met on a baseball diamond when I was only […]

  • To Overcome Grief with Guest, Herb Knoll

    To Overcome Grief with Guest, Herb Knoll, Author & Widowers Support Worldwide chat with Host, Cece Shatz, Doyenne of Relationships, Divorce, Dating & Relationship Coach in the Going Solo with Cece Show. This show is sponsored by and WGSN-DB Going Solo Network 24/7 Live Streaming Radio, TV & Podcasts – #1 Internet Singles […]

  • To Overcome Grief – One Needs to Address All Facets of Life

    To Overcome Grief – One Needs to Address All Facets of Life

    For nearly 14 years, I have dedicated my life to the service of widowers worldwide, and during that time, I have learned much about what it takes to recover from male grief.  From the widower’s mental and physical health to their financial health, ensuring their career is stable, and their relationships with their children, in-laws, […]

  • Familiar Places

    Familiar Places

    Familiar Places I know this happens to you.  As you travel around your town, you pass by many places that were once either special or routine to you and your late wife.  If you’re like me, sometimes you pass by them absentmindedly.  Other times it brings tears to your eyes. For me, the places are […]

  • So Tied To You

    So Tied To You

    My late wife, Jan, loved music.  Her tastes in music varied widely.  We began dating in 1969, on the tail end of the fabulous 60s era of music.  Our first decade of marriage was the 70s.  The best songs of that era stayed with us throughout her life, as they reminded us of happy times […]

  • Which Internet dating site is the “best” one?

    Which Internet dating site is the “best” one?

    When I speak to groups or talk to new clients, I can count on hearing questions about dating sites; which one should I use and which is the “best” one? Over the years,I’ve come to understand what they’re really asking is: (1) Where are the good people? (2) Where will I meet the person of […]

  • Life Lives On

    Life Lives On

    Song: Life Lives OnPerformed by: Kim ParentWritten by: Ken Harrell Produced by: Herb KnollLyric Video by: Shane Farmer / REMRAF LLChttp://[email protected] PLEASE HELP Herb Knoll has produced a song titled; “Life Lives On.” It is intended to encourage people to donate organs during this season of giving. Herb’s friends, in Nashville, Ken Harrell wrote the […]

  • Tired of being alone? Maybe it’s time to try dating again.

    Tired of being alone? Maybe it’s time to try dating again.

    Whether you’re a divorcee, a widowed man, have never married or even been in a committed relationship, you may someday tire of being alone. I completely understand. You see, I have been in your shoes as have millions of other men.  As a result, there are many lessons and best practices for you to go […]

  • An Open Letter To Newly Widowed Men

    An Open Letter To Newly Widowed Men

    Donated by Ed Hersch of Pearland, Texas, USA, in hopes that it will help others. Author Unknown. Dear Sons: We have all been through a most tragic situation, the loss of your dear Mother and my wife. Each of us are dealing with Mom’s passing in a different way. There is no right or wrong […]