Thanks to each of you for supporting me     

I can’t believe that in two weeks, 2022 will end, and 2023 will begin. Another year will end, and a New Year will begin with my hope and aspirations for new and exciting possibilities. It was how I looked at each year for many years until that villain called grief entered the picture. It took my wife and my dreams of the future and the possibilities of things my wife and I would do together. I felt robbed and left to fend for myself on this difficult road I seemed unable to navigate. The first days and weeks were filled with profound sorrow, unstoppable tears, and anger at God, Doctors, nurses, myself, and my wife. I went through the should have, could have, and would have with interminable questions: All to no avail.

As time passed, I found comfort from the Widowers Support Network -Members Only, my grief counselor, and other support groups I joined. I saw that I was not alone and that I might be able to navigate this very difficult and dangerous path with support. To Herb Knoll and  Fred Colby, two generous and gifted men who reached out to me and gave me hope and told me I could find the right road that would bring me peace and comfort. I found endless support from many brothers in this group who responded when I felt so alone and as if I was the only one traveling through this dark road. I am forever grateful.

I found the wisdom offered by many members of our great editorial team, especially my friends Terrell Whitener and Jim Winner. Brothers who walked the path before me and who continue to offer keen insights and suggestions on how to survive the road of grief. There are countless others, both men and women, who write meaningful columns for all of us from whom I have benefited on this path and to whom I owe a debt of gratitude I know I can never repay.

One of the most important lessons I learned over the past two and half years since my wife died is journaling my thoughts. My grief counselor told me to do it, and I still journal my thoughts to measure how I have grown, what I thought initially, and how I feel now after 31 months. I thank Dr. Nyle Kardatzke, who elucidated the importance of journalling and how it can help heal. What wisdom and understanding so many of our brothers offer that helps us as we travel this most challenging road!

I wish I could personally thank all of you for your support and words of encouragement, and great laughs. Kudos to my friend Mike Chipega  -free compliment, my friend, and thanks for helping us laugh. Thanks, Jeff, for helping ensure the WSN-MO continues to roll on and touch the lives of so many widowers.

Strength, and support, my brothers; Happy Holidays and a good New Year.

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