Life Is Best When Lived In Pencil

Life is best when lived in pencil. Life is best when we accept and adapt to our
new realities. Life is best when we embrace the fact that our lives are not over. A
portion and chapter of our lives has ended, however, there is more to go. Life is
best when we realize we can be restored and renewed. Life is best when we
realize that, through no fault of our own, the life plans we made so long ago are
not the lives and plans we are living today. Life is best when we come to terms
with the new truths in our lives. The biggest of my truths was that it’s healthy,
and even normal to pursue happiness. This was also the hardest and most
difficult truth to accept. For a long time, I actually felt like I was not worthy of
being happy again. It makes no sense, I know. It was easer being miserable than
doing the work it took to regain and restore my life. For those wondering, it was
at about the 15-18 month mark when I started to really believe that life should,
could and would continue.

In a few short months I will pass the fourth anniversary of Joyce’s death. Four
years is a long time. I’ve done some things right and I’ve done some things
wrong. Whatever the experience, I keep moving forward. We have no choice. In
a way, it seems she’s been gone forever. In another way, is like she’s in the next
room. I’m sure each of you know what I am talking about here. I’ve been reading
many of your posts on this Facebook page. For those of you who are new
“ members “, I pass on my sincere condolences. I know your pain. I know your
sorrow and I know your loss. I want to encourage you with these words. Life
gets better. Life gets better if you’re willing to do what it takes to make it better.
Life gets better if you’re adaptable to new things and new people. Life gets
better if your write your plans in pencil, because they will change.

I’ll close with the famous quote from Yogi Berra. “ When you come to a fork in
the road, take it” That applies to everyone on this journey. Stay well, brothers,
and keep the eraser

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