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  • Grief and Anger

    Grief and Anger

    By Tom Peyton When my wife died over two years ago, I remember experiencing a gamut of emotions, with anger being the most prominent.  Angry that I was now a Widower; angry that an illness ended my wife’s life and our almost 30-year marriage.  Angry at the doctors, who I thought could have done more…

  • Boy’s Don’t Cry…right? WRONG! And That’s Okay

    Boy’s Don’t Cry…right?  WRONG!  And That’s Okay

    by Herb Knoll Author: The Widower’s Journey  From the time little boys are first able to walk, in some cases even before they can walk, parents begin shaping the psyche of their sons by telling them, “Boys don’t cry. ” Oh really… who says so? Whoever it was, they should be picked up and prosecuted for the harm they…

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