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  • Gratitude as a weapon against grief and anxiety! 

    Gratitude as a weapon against grief and anxiety! 

    On the verge of Thanksgiving, it would be apropos to discuss GRATITUDE as a means to counter GRIEF.  These two antithetical sentiments are not innate to a widow or widower.     Gratitude is a decision to consciously be aware of the positive in your life, notwithstanding all the negative and painful aspects. Grief will […]

  • To Overcome Grief with Guest, Herb Knoll

    To Overcome Grief with Guest, Herb Knoll, Author & Widowers Support Worldwide chat with Host, Cece Shatz, Doyenne of Relationships, Divorce, Dating & Relationship Coach in the Going Solo with Cece Show. This show is sponsored by and WGSN-DB Going Solo Network 24/7 Live Streaming Radio, TV & Podcasts – #1 Internet Singles […]

  • Grief and the Holidays

    Cynthia talks about how to best navigate grief as the holidays approach. She shares helpful tips for both the grieving person as well as their friends and family.

  • Grief and the Workplace

    Grief and the Workplace

    David Knapp “Take as long as you need,” the memo read.  My boss’s signature followed. When I met with the administration board of the school I was teaching at and explained that Ruth’s death was imminent, their hearts were breaking, as was mine.  After a long silence, one said, “Take as long as you need, […]

  • Avoidance is a big part of dealing with Grief, Trauma and Despair.

    Avoidance is a big part of dealing with Grief, Trauma and Despair.

    by Cynthia Mascarenhas RN, LNCC While your immediate grief response is a fear that you will forget, your immediate trauma response is a fear that you will always remember; the reality is daily you work hard to not remember – the person you loved and lost or the person who failed to love you and […]

  • Epitaph – Words of Hope

    Epitaph – Words of Hope

    Epitaph is defined as “words written in memory of a person who has died.” Sometimes it’s a phrase or a sentence that captures the essence of the person.  An epitaph is frequently seen on a tombstone of someone who has passed away.  It’s also the title of a beautiful poem by a woman named Merrit […]

  • Memories and Grief

    Memories and Grief

    by Dr. David Knapp, PhD It has been said that time and memories are the griever’s friend. In the weeks after my first wife died, I became very concerned that the people would forget Ruth. I did not want that to happen because I knew I would not forget her. My mind was full of […]

  • “I’ll be Looking for You”

    “I’ll be Looking for You”

    Shortly before my wife Darlene died in October 2010, we were talking after our final visit with her oncologist. This is how I described it later. On our drive home, we had one of the more significant conversations of our lives. We probably talked about small matters and medical decisions part of the way home, […]

  • Grief and Anger

    Grief and Anger

    By Tom Peyton When my wife died over two years ago, I remember experiencing a gamut of emotions, with anger being the most prominent.  Angry that I was now a Widower; angry that an illness ended my wife’s life and our almost 30-year marriage.  Angry at the doctors, who I thought could have done more […]

  • The World after You and Me

    The World after You and Me

    Question to Consider: What will the world be like after I’m gone? A History Channel program would showdetails of the likely events on earth if humans were to disappear suddenly. The program starts with the lives of the surviving animals and plants. It moves on to the breakdown of power plants and water supplies and […]