Life is Best When Lived in Pencil – Part 3

My last blog talked about self-care and looking out for number 1 (us!).  I want to dig into that a little deeper today.

To me, the most critical component of self-care is recognizing and embracing our inner truth.  My inner truth is a feeling deep in my core.  It’s the “ thing” that can keep me up at night.  It’s my compass.  My inner truth is that nagging voice inside me that tells me when I am not following my best path.  Our personal truth is what’s best for us.  We know our truth.  It’s our guide.  It’s our personal credo or maxim.  In the early stages of restoration and recovery, I made some decisions that were not in step with my truth.  I knew it.  I still did it.  Thankfully, they weren’t major life-altering decisions.  However, I wish I had a confidant, a resource person I could have turned to for an unbiased opinion.  It might have saved me a lot of aggravation and frustration.  I sometimes think that little voice I hear is my late wife Joyce giving me her input ( which she did so well ) from afar!  I’m sure many of you have that same feeling!

I’ll leave you with this.  Know your truth.  Live your truth.  Own your truth.  Speak your truth.  It sounds easy.  The more you practice it, the easier it becomes.  If you are doing things that don’t align with your truth, get out the pencil, use the eraser, and change whatever it is.  You see, life is best when lived in pencil ( and in your truth )

Be Blessed, brothers

PS    If you ever need someone to bounce anything off of, from a layman’s perspective, please reach out to me.  I would be glad to listen and help in any way possible.  The load is lighter when not carried alone.


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