Life 2.0

Recently I viewed an interview with author and political pundit David Brooks. During this interview, he was reflecting on a shift in his thinking when it came to his priorities in life. He termed this new way of thinking as his “second mountain.” In many ways, many of us who have lost a spouse orContinue reading “Life 2.0”

Widower: Healthy vs. Unhealthy Grief

If you love someone and you lose them, you are going to grieve… there is no getting around it! But, is there a way to grieve that is healthy for you? Or a way that is unhealthy? Based on my own experience and what I have heard from hundreds of widower, the answer is aContinue reading “Widower: Healthy vs. Unhealthy Grief”


MOVING FORWARD When widows and widowers try to move forward with life, a multitude of feelings can suddenly make themselves known. These feelings vary a lot, depending on personality and situation. Here are some examples. See if any of these apply to you. Completely stuck.  You have the best intentions, but repeatedly find yourself stuck.Continue reading “MOVING FORWARD”

Widower 101: More Key Learnings

Recently I shared four things that I have learned since becoming a widower. In this article, I would like to continue to share a few additional thoughts on this issue. For each one of us, this list may be different. As I write in my book The First 365, a loss is the ultimate designerContinue reading “Widower 101: More Key Learnings”

Grief is Love

Three years ago, I would have used the following words to define “grief:” physical and emotional pain, suffering, anguish, cruelty, punishment, abandonment, loss of self, guilt, misery, and loneliness. I experienced all of these, and I saw no way to survive them or to become whole again. I found the same to be true ofContinue reading “Grief is Love”

Widower: How Grief Changes Us

Grief, really deep grief, can change you!  I see examples of this change through my men’s grief group, responses to my online blogs, online widowers groups, and chance meetings I have with fellow widowers in my community.  This change does not happen overnight, it can take months if not years to happen.  Many are shockedContinue reading “Widower: How Grief Changes Us”

How to find joy again

“Am I a joy to be around?” Many people seek joy in their lives and wonder why they don’t attract it. In widowhood, it’s easy to get locked in a downward cycle. The less joy you feel, the more hopeless things can look. You may long to be rescued from this (by yourself or byContinue reading “How to find joy again”

The Perfect Catch

WSN-MO: The Perfect Catch  A few minutes with Dating and Relationship Coach, Christine Baumgartner  Kerry Phillips started one of the widows/widowers Facebook groups I belong to and when I read this post I thought to sharew it with the mebmers of WSN-MO as a guest post. Now, here’s Kerry.  I think one of the mostContinue reading “The Perfect Catch”