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  • Do You Have Male Friends?

    Do You Have Male Friends?

    Noted clinical psychologist Edward Zimmer, MA, from Savannah, Georgia, is a friend of mine. You may recognize his name as he was a contributor to my book, The Widower’s Journey, and has been a guest on my podcast, Widower’s Journey Podcast. Better said, he is a childhood friend I first met on a baseball diamond when I was only […]

  • First Ever-Date? Girlfriend? or Lover?

    First Ever-Date? Girlfriend? or Lover?

    Was your wife the first woman/girl you ever: Either directly (through my website or Facebook page) or indirectly (through Widowers Support Network), I frequently hear from others who experienced one of these “firsts” with their wives. And I have often wondered how that might impact the grief journey for these brothers in grief. While that […]

  • Now that I’m a widower, should I treat my three kids equally in my will?

    Now that I’m a widower, should I treat my three kids equally in my will?

    by Richard Dri After Mary died, I began rethinking our mutual agreement to treat each child equally. As a widower, I must have the confidence to make my own decisions even if it means contradicting my late spouse’s positions. When Mary and I drafted our Wills, we agreed to leave everything to the surviving spouse […]

  • God, Football, Sex and Gold-diggers

    God, Football, Sex and Gold-diggers

    by Fred Colby Admit it! How often have even the most devout of us chosen to attend a football game (or other favorite sport or activity) instead of church? Or instead of spending time with your family? Or instead of honoring a previous commitment to a friend? If you are a churchgoer, you might be […]

  • The Stupid Things They Say

    The Stupid Things They Say

    by Dr. David Knapp PhD One big question concerning loss we all encounter regularly is “What do yo say to a friend or loved one when they experience severe loss?”      I learned from personal experience that few would-be comforters are comfortable with helpful statements like “Your heart must be hurting right now.” Many have […]

  • “I’ll be Looking for You”

    “I’ll be Looking for You”

    Shortly before my wife Darlene died in October 2010, we were talking after our final visit with her oncologist. This is how I described it later. On our drive home, we had one of the more significant conversations of our lives. We probably talked about small matters and medical decisions part of the way home, […]

  • Finding the Courage to Love Again

    Finding the Courage to Love Again

    Dear brothers, like many of you, I celebrated that we have reached the 1900-member mark in the Widowers Support Network. Wow, we have come a long way. Upon reading that news, the fact that this also represents 1900 broken hearts, countless tears, and dreams unrealized. As I sit down to exercise the privilege of deciding […]



    While being prepped for an emergency hernia operation four months after my wife’s death, I instructed the doctors three times that I wanted a “Do Not Resuscitate” order in place. I saw this as an opportunity to rejoin my wonderful wife of 45 years. Many hours later ­― I woke up! The immediate question that […]

  • Tired of being alone? Maybe it’s time to try dating again.

    Tired of being alone? Maybe it’s time to try dating again.

    Whether you’re a divorcee, a widowed man, have never married or even been in a committed relationship, you may someday tire of being alone. I completely understand. You see, I have been in your shoes as have millions of other men.  As a result, there are many lessons and best practices for you to go […]

  • Widowers: Dating Again!

    Widowers: Dating Again!

    Starting to date again at age 65 after being married for many years is intimidating for both widows and widowers. The reality can be very different than the cliché’s seen at the movies.  For me, dating was a necessary step in my journey to redefine myself and regain my self-confidence. Once I got past the […]