Anticipatory Grief – An Early On-Ramp to One’s Grief Journey

By Herb Knoll Author: The Widower’s Journey Loss of a spouse or a life-partner can occur suddenly as in the case of a drug overdose, an auto accident, or someone falling down a flight of stairs. Some spouses are lost to their families following a prolonged illness such as cancer, dementia, or Multiple Sclerosis, leavingContinue reading “Anticipatory Grief – An Early On-Ramp to One’s Grief Journey”

Widower: Reaching Grace Through Grief

Widower to Widower with Fred Colby  When you find yourself in the deepest pit of grief, when you are hurting as you have never hurt before, and when you feel that you will never be able to feel good again… that is when you can find grace, in this… the most unexpected place. It canContinue reading “Widower: Reaching Grace Through Grief”

From Mourning to Grief

Scripture tells us to mourn with those who mourn; it does not say to grieve with those who grieve – but we should. Mourning and grief are not the same. Mourning has a beginning and a distinct end, but grief goes on much longer. Mourning is made up of rituals and procedures that immediately followContinue reading “From Mourning to Grief”

Widower: The Importance of Empathy to Healing Grief

Widower: The Importance of Empathy to Healing Grief Empathy is critical to healing grief. For me, it was second only to gratitude as a skill that I had to develop to pull myself out of the deep depression and suffering I experienced during the first year of my grieving. After losing my wife of 45Continue reading “Widower: The Importance of Empathy to Healing Grief”

Widower: Healthy vs. Unhealthy Grief

If you love someone and you lose them, you are going to grieve… there is no getting around it! But, is there a way to grieve that is healthy for you? Or a way that is unhealthy? Based on my own experience and what I have heard from hundreds of widower, the answer is aContinue reading “Widower: Healthy vs. Unhealthy Grief”

Grief is Love

Three years ago, I would have used the following words to define “grief:” physical and emotional pain, suffering, anguish, cruelty, punishment, abandonment, loss of self, guilt, misery, and loneliness. I experienced all of these, and I saw no way to survive them or to become whole again. I found the same to be true ofContinue reading “Grief is Love”