Widower: How Grief Changes Us

Grief, really deep grief, can change you!  I see examples of this change through my men’s grief group, responses to my online blogs, online widowers groups, and chance meetings I have with fellow widowers in my community.  This change does not happen overnight, it can take months if not years to happen.  Many are shockedContinue reading “Widower: How Grief Changes Us”

Grief Recovery Programs Need to Include Action Plans

 Herb Knoll Author of the New Book, The Widower’s Journey http://www.WidowersSupportNetwork.com It’s no wonder so many people fail to complete grief counseling sessions that take place over a period of several weeks, with many attendees opting to bail out of such programs after just a week or two.  Why? I believe one of the reasonsContinue reading “Grief Recovery Programs Need to Include Action Plans”