Grieving is hard. It’s Sad. It’s a lot of work!

Grieving is hard. It’s sad. It’s a lot of work! After Tony died, if anyone had said to me, “There will ultimately be a positive side to his sudden death” – I think I would have punched them in the nose.  What I’ve learned since then through my own resilience (and the resilience I seeContinue reading “Grieving is hard. It’s Sad. It’s a lot of work!”

How to find joy again

“Am I a joy to be around?” Many people seek joy in their lives and wonder why they don’t attract it. In widowhood, it’s easy to get locked in a downward cycle. The less joy you feel, the more hopeless things can look. You may long to be rescued from this (by yourself or byContinue reading “How to find joy again”

Fear-some Firsts

How to get through those hard anniversaries… that horrible first year I called them the “fierce-some firsts”:  First Valentine’s Day.  First Thanksgiving. First Christmas. First birthday (his). My birthday First birthday (the children’s). First “day we met”. First wedding anniversary. First angle-versary (anniversary of death). During that first year, as these “firsts” approached, I’d countContinue reading “Fear-some Firsts”

The Perfect Catch

WSN-MO: The Perfect Catch  A few minutes with Dating and Relationship Coach, Christine Baumgartner  Kerry Phillips started one of the widows/widowers Facebook groups I belong to and when I read this post I thought to sharew it with the mebmers of WSN-MO as a guest post. Now, here’s Kerry.  I think one of the mostContinue reading “The Perfect Catch”

What are you going to be doing on New Year’s Eve?

WSN-MO: The Perfect Catch  WSN-MO Dating and Relationship Coach, Christine Baumgartner asks…  What are you going to be doing on New Year’s Eve?  I’ve been talking about the holiday season and widowhood for the past couple weeks. In those articles, I haven’t included the New Year’s celebration because it often impacts people differently than theContinue reading “What are you going to be doing on New Year’s Eve?”

Proactive steps to help get you through the holidays

Proactive Steps to help get you through the holidays Last week I talked about the holiday season and widowhood: About the widower who says with tears in his eyes, “Christmas was always her thing”.  About the grieving widow who tells me “he was such a big part of our family’s Hanukkah traditions”. Depending on howContinue reading “Proactive steps to help get you through the holidays”

Grieving and Thanksgiving

With the approach of Thanksgiving, I can’t help but think back to Thanksgiving 2012, my very first holiday following my husband’s sudden death. The grief fog was still very thick. Numbness created a comforting cushion around my body and emotions.  My husband had died in August. By the time November arrived, the loving family andContinue reading “Grieving and Thanksgiving”

Why women talk

Let’s talk a little about your conversations with the women in your life. These could be daughters, daughters-in-law, mother, aunts, female colleagues – generally any women you come into contact with during your day. Do some of these women regularly claim that you’re “not listening” or that you’re repeatedly “interrupting” them? As a widower, youContinue reading “Why women talk”