Home For the Holidays: 2021 Edition

This year I will be experiencing my 7th Christmas without my wife, Robyn. Every year our house would transform into a continuous theme of the current or upcoming holiday. Now, most of those decorations remain in the basement, and my annual complaint of having to haul the countless crates from the basement is no more.Continue reading Home For the Holidays: 2021 Edition

Finishing Strong

Several years ago, when contemplating retirement, I published an article titled “Finishing Strong.” While this article focused on the mechanisms for preparing for life after work, it also gave recommendations for navigating the far too often experience of being both too expensive and becoming somewhat marginalized in the workplace. In some ways, if not experiencedContinue reading Finishing Strong

Grief Lessons: From the Rolling Stones

Recently, I had the pleasure of checking off one of the items on my personal “bucket list.” That was to attend a Rolling Stones concert. Little did I know as my son and I settled into our seats that not only would I witness a fantastic concert but get an up-close and personal lesson onContinue reading Grief Lessons: From the Rolling Stones

The Best Game in Town

by Terrell Whitener For those of us that are sports fans here in the United States, we have just turned the page on the calendar to include a very important date, American Football Season!!!! It’s something about the energy of crowds, the pageantry of the colors and tradition, the beginning of the slowing down fromContinue reading “The Best Game in Town”

Brothers: We Still Have a Purpose

For many of you, this title strikes you as a bit rhetorical. For others, you may take one look and discount this notion entirely. My brothers welcome to one of the many complex aspects of being a widower. Early in my widowhood, I found myself completely unprepared to deal with the difficulty I had withContinue reading “Brothers: We Still Have a Purpose”