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  • Softening Triggers

    Softening Triggers

    We talk about them all the time, those things that ambush us when we think we’re doing OK.  For me, music causes the most pain, and it hits you in the craziest places—not just the radio.  If I hear a song on the radio that causes me pain, I immediately change the station—avoidance at all…

  • Going it Alone

    Going it Alone

    My dear brothers, of the many things I was not prepared for when becoming a widower, finding a satisfying relationship with another woman has proved to be the most daunting.  For those of you that have found either a meaningful relationship or true love again, I salute you.  Me, not so fortunate so far. For…

  • “Retiring To” vs “Retiring From”

    “Retiring To” vs “Retiring From”

    by Richard Dri IMAGINE 25-30 YEARS AHEAD TO DO EXACTLY WHAT YOU WANT, WHEN YOU WANT. ARE YOU READY FOR THAT?  Don’t confuse retirement with vacation. It’s important you create a plan that’s fulfilling for the long-term, and about more than just having the money. I recently turned 60. Five years away from retirement, if…

  • Grief opens the mind to that we cannot explain

    Grief opens the mind to that we cannot explain

    Last week Larry Aherns, one of our brother’s shared a short inspirational piece entitled: “A shout out to everyone who is trying right now” by S.C. Lourie. Lourie is an author and blogger from the U.K. who writes of hope to all who have suffered a loss. She suffered a miscarriage a few years ago…

  • Finishing Strong

    Finishing Strong

    Several years ago, when contemplating retirement, I published an article titled “Finishing Strong.” While this article focused on the mechanisms for preparing for life after work, it also gave recommendations for navigating the far too often experience of being both too expensive and becoming somewhat marginalized in the workplace. In some ways, if not experienced…

  • Simplify, Simplify, Simplify!

    Simplify, Simplify, Simplify!

    Last month, I spent 12 days with my daughter in Oregon. We rented an AirBnB. We enjoyed a lot of time in the mountains of the Willamette and Deschutes National Forests. She’s an avid hiker, and like me, loves the outdoors. The more time I spent in the woods, the more I felt myself really…

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