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  • Iam Tongi, Monsters, and Fatherhood

    Iam Tongi, Monsters, and Fatherhood

    Why am I feeling so emotional? I am watching a video of Iam Tongi’s duet with James Blunt from American Idol, singing Blunt’s song “Monsters.” Watching it live brought me to tears along with everyone else . . . and it is bringing me to tears again. Three months ago, I never knew of English…

  • Moving Forward: Overcoming Regrets

    Moving Forward: Overcoming Regrets

    The first line in the song “Scars in Heaven” by Casting Crowns cuts me to the core. It is, “If I had only known, the last time would be the last time.” Despite being in ICU for three weeks, I fully expected Jasmine to recover. I envisioned when we would once again talk, laugh, hold…



    Almost every widower I have met, emailed, or spoken to has said this to me at some point. I certainly felt that way after my wife passed in 2015. We both had some health challenges during our lifetime. Still, mine were the more serious and recent ones, so it was a big surprise for both…

  • Bonds That Are Never Broken

    Bonds That Are Never Broken

    During a recent conversation with a widowed friend, I reflected on some of the unexpected roles we may inherit upon becoming widowers. One of which I hold especially dear is being the curator of my wife Robyn’s and my love. Often, we are accused of deifying our loved ones after their death. In many cases,…

  • Why?


    This brief but powerful question has crossed our minds or been voiced out loud in this journey we have come to know as grief. Whether your loss came without warning or resulted from a long and protracted illness, why is a question that has or continues to cross our minds? Asking this all too familiar…

  • Grief and Regrets

    Grief and Regrets

    by David Knapp Shortly after my first wife, Ruth died, I heard a song by a musical couple in Michigan, Steve and Annie Chapman. The song was “No Regrets.” it spoke of the pain and recovery of a man who had lost his wife. Some lyrics included: “He has an empty house, he has an…

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