Herb Knoll and His Widower Support Group

Grief is a topic no one wants to study, or learn about, until you are in it. It’s a “if it hasn’t happened to me yet, I certainly don’t want to mention it” kind of thing. Herb Knoll lost his wife Michelle to cancer in 2008 after having been her care giver for 39 months. When Herb went to find a book about grief as a widower, he discovered there were none! So, Herb began researching and writing his book The Widower’s Journey: Helping Men Rebuild After Their Loss, available on Amazon. After completing the book Herb decided there still wasn’t enough support for Widowers, so he started the Widower’s Support Network. Herb is also founder and host for the Widower’s Journey Podcast. Please join us for an interesting discussion with Herb Knoll on today’s Hope Thru Grief as we touch on subjects like why are men so vulnerable, why the support material for widower’s so limited and what are the challenges in grief for men? If you’d like to purchase a copy of Herb’s book The Widower’s Journey: Helping Men Rebuild After Their Loss you may contact Herb directly at Herb@widowerssupportnetwork.com and if you mention the discount code Hope you’ll receive a 15% discount of the purchase price of his book!

2 thoughts on “Herb Knoll and His Widower Support Group

  1. i told care of my wife , died 13 months ago . i was since the beginning the rock of the marriage, doing this that and everything .
    now it’s just me , our son still lives at home @27.
    i have only myself to take care of , sometimes it’s very nice , other times not so much.
    my concern is my drinking , since i don’t have to really take care of anything . had bad can this become ?
    i like to have some beer, starting to really ! hate the $$ i’m spending on it though

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