Widowers Support Network – Members Only

A Facebook page for Men only.

Sometimes – men need to share some “guy talk.” You know… sports, cars, tips about home repair, how to meet women, how to boil an egg, and of course, how to overcome grief. No topic is off limits. This need was the genesis of WSN creating, Widowers Support Network – Members Only, a Facebook page for widowed men and those men with seriously ill spouses.

Men who subscribe to this free service will find how the Widowers Support Network – Members Only will enable them to make new friends across America and beyond. Subscribing will also allow men to feel more open to sharing their thoughts and challenges, no matter what they are. Membership is like having a personal advisory board that is committed to assisting you during your grief journey.

Also eligible to apply are subject matter experts (sorry ladies but male experts only) who are willing to share their advice with members of Widowers Support Network – Members Only and do so free of charge. Experts from a wide variety of fields (law, medicine, personal finance, psychology, sociology, theology, auto mechanics, culinary arts, agriculture, horticulture, etc.) are encouraged to apply.

​To join in on the fun, go to Widowers Support Network – Members Only on Facebook. Did I mention this service is open to men living anywhere in the world? Apply today.

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