Life Lives On

Song: Life Lives On
Performed by: Kim Parent
Written by: Ken Harrell
Produced by: Herb Knoll
Lyric Video by: Shane Farmer / REMRAF LLC
[email protected]

PLEASE HELP Herb Knoll has produced a song titled; “Life Lives On.” It is intended to encourage people to donate organs during this season of giving. Herb’s friends, in Nashville, Ken Harrell wrote the song and Kim Parent performed it. It is now available on YouTube and the this, the WSN website.


Help me promote this video. Make it go viral. Copy this link and share it with as many people as possible. HTTPS://

Be sure to tell your friends to page down so they see the Musical Graphic and can view the music video. We need to make this video go viral and fast, as it has a Christmas theme. As your friends to share it too.

Know someone in the media or news industry, share the Music Video with them and encourage them to share our story and our music video of “Live Lives On.” Perhaps arrange an interview or two. Have an opportunity to gain PR, call me. 615.579.8136. We REALLY need your help. Merry Christmas.

We’re Saving Lives

Herb Knoll

Copyright © 2021

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