MOVING FORWARD When widows and widowers try to move forward with life, a multitude of feelings can suddenly make themselves known. These feelings vary a lot, depending on personality and situation. Here are some examples. See if any of these apply to you. Completely stuck.  You have the best intentions, but repeatedly find yourself stuck.Continue reading “MOVING FORWARD”


While being prepped for an emergency hernia operation four months after my wife’s death, I instructed the doctors three times that I wanted a “Do Not Resuscitate” order in place. I saw this as an opportunity to rejoin my wonderful wife of 45 years. Many hours later ― I woke up! The immediate question thatContinue reading “WIDOWER: NEW RELATIONSHIPS”

Widower: Financial Land Mines

My father died when he was 33 years of age, so I realized the importance of getting my finances in order while still young. I bought life insurance, started an IRA investment account, wrote a will, and made sure that my wife was the primary beneficiary.  During one period (2008 – 2012) I was sureContinue reading “Widower: Financial Land Mines”

A Widower’s Wake-up Call

By Herb Knoll Author: The Widower’s Journey “The entire floor misses your laughter,” said the young female staff member standing at my office door.  It had been just four months since my bride, Michelle Knoll, had earned her angel wings following her 39 month battle against pancreatic cancer.  She died on March 7, 2008.  “They’reContinue reading “A Widower’s Wake-up Call”

Fear-some Firsts

How to get through those hard anniversaries… that horrible first year I called them the “fierce-some firsts”:  First Valentine’s Day.  First Thanksgiving. First Christmas. First birthday (his). My birthday First birthday (the children’s). First “day we met”. First wedding anniversary. First angle-versary (anniversary of death). During that first year, as these “firsts” approached, I’d countContinue reading “Fear-some Firsts”

Rediscovering Your Radar

Since becoming a widower, one of the most humbling discoveries that I have made is the fact that I know very little about women. While I grew to know my wife as well as I could know anyone, I simultaneously disconnected my radar associated with the pursuit of other relationships. While that was the properContinue reading “Rediscovering Your Radar”

Tired of being alone? Maybe it’s time to try dating again.

Whether you’re a divorcee, a widowed man, have never married or even been in a committed relationship, you may someday tire of being alone. I completely understand. You see, I have been in your shoes as have millions of other men.  As a result, there are many lessons and best practices for you to goContinue reading “Tired of being alone? Maybe it’s time to try dating again.”

How a Widower Can Ensure His Final Wishes Are Carried Out

By Rachel Zeldin, Founder of Funerals360 As a widower, you’ve most certainly dealt with an enormous amount of stress and grief at the time of your partner’s passing. During that excruciating time, spouses often have the added burden of making plans for final wishes and funeral services of their loved one. This is an incredibly tryingContinue reading “How a Widower Can Ensure His Final Wishes Are Carried Out”

Potential and Change

(24-hours before Suzanne dies) Dear future Jeff,  I want you to know a few things. After Suzanne dies, you will feel like there is little potential of anything ever making your life any better. Did you know that you will be scared, hurting, very much alone (even surrounded by friends and family), completely lost andContinue reading “Potential and Change”