You’re the Boss Now?

WSN-MO: Widower to Widower with Fred Colby Remember when you were young, married, and full of misperceptions about your life and marriage? Previously, in our more male-dominated society, you might have believed that as the husband, you were the “boss” in the family! Ha! Many of us eventually found what a joke that belief was!Continue reading “You’re the Boss Now?”

Where Can I Get Help?

WSN-MO: Widower to Widower with Fred Colby If you are a widower looking for help, ideas, or support, this blog is for you! While there are very few good books out there specifically for widowers, there are several organizations around the country that can provide help or direct you to the help that you need. Continue reading “Where Can I Get Help?”

Counseling – Religious or Secular?

WSN-MO: Widower to Widower with Fred Colby Shortly after my wife of 45 years passed in 2015, I found myself in the deepest pit of despair. I knew that I was in trouble, and I could not find the answers all by myself. So, I asked myself, “Where can I go for help?”  For manyContinue reading “Counseling – Religious or Secular?”

Learning From Each Other

All widowers… you, me, the guy down the street… we all have something in common… we are going, or have gone, through hell on earth. We may have different experiences on this journey, but we also have many commonalities… especially if we were fortunate enough to have a good loving marriage. We can support eachContinue reading “Learning From Each Other”

We Are Worthy!!

WSN-MO: Widower to Widower with Fred Colby Whether quoting from Wayne’s World or the Bible, the phrase “I am not worthy” may describe how we feel at times after our wives pass away.  A ritual of self-condemnation and feelings of inadequacy often overwhelm us at this time. It is so easy to fall into aContinue reading “We Are Worthy!!”

One Mississippi, Two Mississippi

Since your wife died, how often have you been thoroughly confused by the kindness of women towards you? How often have you, even though you know it is wrong, thought there might be something there? I am not embarrassed to tell you that I had many such instances. For example, within a few months ofContinue reading “One Mississippi, Two Mississippi”

Reinventing Yourself to Live Again

WSN-MO: Widower to Widower with Fred Colby  When Theresa, my wife of 45 years, passed just before midnight on June 29, 2015, I lost three of the four legs that formed the foundation of my life: my wife, family, job, and faith. Only my family remained, while my faith was in crisis. To add toContinue reading “Reinventing Yourself to Live Again”

Widower: Maybe I Don’t Want to Heal!!

Are you floating in a sea of grief with only a life vest of memories and past love keeping you afloat? If you are not careful, that life vest can instead become a weight belt of anger, regret, and fear that drags you down into depression. Grief during the early stages can be both physicallyContinue reading “Widower: Maybe I Don’t Want to Heal!!”