Widower: Maybe I Don’t Want to Heal!!

Are you floating in a sea of grief with only a life vest of memories and past love keeping you afloat? If you are not careful, that life vest can instead become a weight belt of anger, regret, and fear that drags you down into depression. Grief during the early stages can be both physicallyContinue reading “Widower: Maybe I Don’t Want to Heal!!”

Storytelling Yourself to Healing

WSN-MO: Widower to Widower with Fred Colby Grief can be like cancer, festering in your body and soul until it corrupts and destroys all that is good in you. If grief is left alone or ignored while it mutates into something that threatens your very existence, it can: send you to the hospital with veryContinue reading “Storytelling Yourself to Healing”

Widower: Reaching Grace Through Grief

Widower to Widower with Fred Colby  When you find yourself in the deepest pit of grief, when you are hurting as you have never hurt before, and when you feel that you will never be able to feel good again… that is when you can find grace, in this… the most unexpected place. It canContinue reading “Widower: Reaching Grace Through Grief”

Widower: Escaping Anxiety

When my wife passed 4 years ago, I first experienced shock and then numbness, after that anger and depression, and after that resignation and doubts about my future without her. It wasn’t until around my sixth month of grieving that I began to experience something unfamiliar to me since my 20’s and 30’s, anxiety… andContinue reading “Widower: Escaping Anxiety”

How Purpose Helps You Heal

Besides experiencing overwhelming and sometimes terrifying loneliness, for a widower, the loss of their wife can often leave them feeling lost and without direction. As husbands from an earlier era, we often feel that providing for our family (our wife in particular), is our first and most important purpose.  With her gone, you cannot helpContinue reading “How Purpose Helps You Heal”

Widower: The Importance of Empathy to Healing Grief

Widower: The Importance of Empathy to Healing Grief Empathy is critical to healing grief. For me, it was second only to gratitude as a skill that I had to develop to pull myself out of the deep depression and suffering I experienced during the first year of my grieving. After losing my wife of 45Continue reading “Widower: The Importance of Empathy to Healing Grief”