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  • Tips for People Dating Widows and Widowers

    Tips for People Dating Widows and Widowers

    My five Personal Pointers for dating someone who lost their spouse. In previous articles, I have explained my belief that love is an infinite resource and has the ability to multiply again and again. For example, when a widow/widower is ready, they will expand their ability to love, and without guilt, they will be able […]

  • So Tied To You

    So Tied To You

    My late wife, Jan, loved music.  Her tastes in music varied widely.  We began dating in 1969, on the tail end of the fabulous 60s era of music.  Our first decade of marriage was the 70s.  The best songs of that era stayed with us throughout her life, as they reminded us of happy times […]

  • “I’ll be Looking for You”

    “I’ll be Looking for You”

    Shortly before my wife Darlene died in October 2010, we were talking after our final visit with her oncologist. This is how I described it later. On our drive home, we had one of the more significant conversations of our lives. We probably talked about small matters and medical decisions part of the way home, […]

  • Finding the Courage to Love Again

    Finding the Courage to Love Again

    Dear brothers, like many of you, I celebrated that we have reached the 1900-member mark in the Widowers Support Network. Wow, we have come a long way. Upon reading that news, the fact that this also represents 1900 broken hearts, countless tears, and dreams unrealized. As I sit down to exercise the privilege of deciding […]

  • Remarriage


    “He who finds a wife finds a good thing.” Proverbs 18:22 You may have seen good, happy remarriages, and you may have seen disasters. Remarriage calls for wisdom and self-knowledge. There may be joy and companionship ahead, but proceed with caution. Research shows that widow-men remarry more often and more quickly than widows. Some of […]

  • Widower Wearing Wedding Ring Sparks Huge Discussion

    Widower Wearing Wedding Ring Sparks Huge Discussion

    Recently I was asked to contribute to a discussion on this topic that attracted over 4,500 online comments. The topic was launched by a woman who confronted a widower about his wearing a wedding band eight months after his wife passed. The following article was featured on Bored Panda, an international online publication. Woman Confused […]

  • Looking Back on Marriage

    Looking Back on Marriage

    My wife and I had a wonderful, strong marriage. Beginning with our first date, I felt that it was God’s will for me to be married to my wife, and I’m sure she felt the same. After I became a widow-man, I found myself thinking a lot about marriage in general and my marriage in […]