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  • Storytelling Yourself to Healing

    Storytelling Yourself to Healing

    WSN-MO: Widower to Widower with Fred Colby Grief can be like cancer, festering in your body and soul until it corrupts and destroys all that is good in you. If grief is left alone or ignored while it mutates into something that threatens your very existence, it can: send you to the hospital with very […]

  • Why Am I Still Here?

    Why Am I Still Here?

    WSN-MO: Widower to Widower with Fred Colby After my wife (Theresa) died, after the numbness, and after the severe physical and mental pain of the first few weeks, I began to ask the question most widowers ask, “Why am I still here? Why did she go first? Wasn’t the plan that I was supposed to […]

  • Living In-Between?

    Living In-Between?

    Many of us have a natural inclination to do the things that we feel we do well. I, in many ways, have found aspects of widowhood very much like that. Last week I experienced what would have been my 19th wedding anniversary and the celebration of 25 years together with my late wife. Periodically I […]

  • Why I Still Love My Life

    Why I Still Love My Life

    Recently I received the gift of a significant breakthrough in my life. But first, a little background. Fifty-two months ago, on a cold February morning, I was driving to the hospital, suitcase in tow to bring my wife home from another incident avoided. You see, I was very used to adjusting our routine with a […]

  • How Purpose Helps You Heal

    How Purpose Helps You Heal

    Besides experiencing overwhelming and sometimes terrifying loneliness, for a widower, the loss of their wife can often leave them feeling lost and without direction. As husbands from an earlier era, we often feel that providing for our family (our wife in particular), is our first and most important purpose.  With her gone, you cannot help […]

  • Life 2.0

    Life 2.0

    Recently I viewed an interview with author and political pundit David Brooks. During this interview, he was reflecting on a shift in his thinking when it came to his priorities in life. He termed this new way of thinking as his “second mountain.” In many ways, many of us who have lost a spouse or […]

  • Angels Walk Among Us

    Angels Walk Among Us

    by Herb Knoll Author: The Widower’s Journey “Hi, my name is Richard.” Thus began my knowing a giant of a man named Richard Blount (62) as he sat down in the chair beside me. The occasion was my first meeting at GriefShare, a widely available program for those who have experienced a loss in their […]



    MOVING FORWARD When widows and widowers try to move forward with life, a multitude of feelings can suddenly make themselves known. These feelings vary a lot, depending on personality and situation. Here are some examples. See if any of these apply to you. Completely stuck.  You have the best intentions, but repeatedly find yourself stuck. […]



    While being prepped for an emergency hernia operation four months after my wife’s death, I instructed the doctors three times that I wanted a “Do Not Resuscitate” order in place. I saw this as an opportunity to rejoin my wonderful wife of 45 years. Many hours later ― I woke up! The immediate question that […]

  • Lifeboat Supplies

    Lifeboat Supplies

    It’s important to have a ‘lifeboat’ prepared for those hard times. In a recent post, I talked about how I like to visualize my mood as a buoy in the sea. There have been times in my life when ocean waves would wash over my buoy, but then it would always pop back up. When […]