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Posted 27 Aug 2018

How a Widower Can Ensure His Final Wishes Are Carried Out

By Rachel Zeldin, Founder of ​Funerals360

 As a widower, you’ve most certainly dealt with an enormous amount of stress and grief at the time of your partner’s passing. During that excruciating time, spouses often have the added burden of making plans for final wishes and funeral services of their loved one. This is an incredibly trying time for everyone who’s ever been there. 

If you have already gone through the funeral-planning process for your loved one, you may have some ideas of your own final wishes, and you might have thought about ways to lessen the burden on your surviving family members when your time eventually comes.

Whether it’s buying family plots or discussing wishes with loved ones, pre-planning a funeral can have several advantages.


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Posted 17 Aug 2018

A Friend In Need: Herb Knoll

The quality I admire most in writers is their passion for their work and their causes. We’re all Don Quixote fighting huge windmills, doing our bit to make the world a little better and inspire others. Herb Knoll is a great example, devoting much of his life to a cause few think about, even though it is too close to us. For some of us ‘he-men’, (ha ha!), it is our greatest fear. Herb Knoll offers help and hope.

There are 2.7 million widowers in America, 420,000 new widowers each year. One in five men will be widowed and 65% of widowed men will experience a life-threatening illness within twelve months. As Herb explains, widowers experience a wide variety of challenges: health problems, loss of faith, financial set-backs, problems with relationships, careers, raising children, dating, and more, “not to mention, grief.” It is eye-opening to realize that the sucide rate among widwors is 3-4 times higher than that of married men.  It is to help these vulnerable men that Herb runs the Widoers Support Network, which provides free services to widwoers, and has written The Widower's Jurney.  As Herb says, "America's widowers need help.  Unfortunately, few resources are available to them.


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Posted 10 Jul 2018

Category Loneliness

Widowers - Forced to Live in the Shadows

As originally seen on Open to Hope's website - www.OpentoHope.com 

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Posted 01 Jul 2018

Category Grief/Dispare

Serving others can heal your broken heart.

It's true! No matter how painful your grief may be, getting up and off the couch and into your community to serve others is guaranteed to make you feel better. Whether you volunteer for the fire department or the Red Cross, become a scout leader or work in a soup kitchen, serving others will energize your heart as it searches for joy.

About 2 1/2 years ago, while volunteering at my church during their annual fall festival when a fellow parishioner approached me and asked, "Have you ever considered joining the Knights of Columbus?" I replied no, but I would be willing to consider doing so.

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Posted 16 Jun 2018

Knoll to address Catholic Church Parishioners

Attention Central Florida residents.  Herb Knoll is scheduled to appear at Annunciation Catholic Chruch, located in Altamonte Springs, Florida on Saturday, October 27th, 2018, between the hours of 2-4 PM

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Knoll returns to speak during Bereavement Cruise 2019

After a successful performance during Bereavement Cruise 2018, Herb Knoll will again be joining the distinguished faculty that will comfort and assist both widowed men and women as well as those who have experienced a significant loss when he addresses those attending Bereavement Cruise 2019.  Onboard Royal Caribbean's Oasis of The Sea, participants will set sail on March 3-10, 2019 for a journey of Hope, Healing, and Health.  To learn more see www.j3hhh.com.  Book early for best pricing.  And be sure to mention you learned about this opportunity from the Widowers Support Network.  Hope to see you then. 

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North Lake Presbyterian Church Hears Knoll

Widowers belonging to the North Lake Presbyterian Church, Lady Lake, Florida heard Herb Knoll outline his fifteen steps in dealing with a widower's grief on April 26, 2018.  Commenting on the appearance, organizer Paul Greene stated, "The men who were present were helped in their struggle and were very moved by how targeted and well structured your (Herb's) comments were."

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Posted 15 Jan 2018

Welcome Home with Barbara Beck

The lessons and best practices featured in Herb Knoll's breakout book, The Widower's Journey were the topics of discussion during Channel 45 favorite show, Welcome Home with Barbara Beck.  The program aired four times every other day for two weeks in January 2018.  

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Bereavement Cruise to hear Knoll speak

Herb Knoll has joined the distinguished faculty that will address widowed men and women during the 2018 Bereavement Cruise.

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Posted 01 Nov 2017

Annunciation Catholic Church Profiles Herb & Maria Knoll

The charitable efforts of both Herb and Maria Knoll were featured in the November issue of Annunciation Catholic Church Parish Magazine.

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Posted 26 Jul 2017

Category Dating

Dear Abby Missed the Mark

July 26, 2017 Dear Abby, (Abigail Van Buren) the advice counselor has published a few recent articles that provided advice to widowers. After reading the columns, I determined it was time to introduce Dear Abby to the Widowers Support Network (WSN).  I then invited all WSN followers to comment on Dear Abby's reply to a widowed man. Once gathered, I then sent Dear Abby the collective responses of our followers along with a few of my own recommendations. Your thoughts and opinions are most welcome. (See "Read More or Comment Here)



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Posted 26 Sep 2015

Social Security Tidbits

Don’t be so fast to spend the first Social Security check deposited into your wife’s bank account following her passing, for if you were to do so, you may find that you have to pay it back.  WHY?  Because Social Security is paid in advance.  In order to be eligible to receive any amount paid, the payee must live for the entire period (month) the payment is intended to provide for.  Recommendation:   Contact your Social Security office following your spouse’s passing for details.  

And did you know widowers are eligible for a widower's Social Security payment if they are 60 or older.  Eligible widowers may want to subscribe for this payment and defer going on their own Social Security program.  Doing so will allow your personal plan to grow in the amount to be paid once you switch over in a year or two.  As with most things financial, be sure to visit with a qualified financial planner to assist  you.  It is well worth the investment, regardless of your financial standing.

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Posted 16 May 2015


After becoming a widower, most men find themselves performing many new tasks.  When doing so, it is always helpful to have the advantage of a few friends to offer some advice and money or time saving tips.  Here are just a few.

1.  For those widowers who are disabled veterans, you can receive 10% off on all purchases at Home Depot and Lowes.  You can also recevie 10% off on your AT&T cell phone bill.  Just inquire at the respective stores.
2.  All Veterans are eligible to receive final resting places for both the veteran and his deceased bride at any one of over one hundred National Cemeteries.  Free services include a plot, a grave stone and more. This can be a significant savings for thsoe who are interested.  Contact your local National Cemetery for details.
3.  To increase the amount of your income tax deductions, arrange to have any fees charged by your financial service provider on your qualified retirement accounts charged to your personal non-qualified accounts.  This advantage may not impact everyone so as always, be sure to check with your tax advisor for details.

Have a tip you wish to share with other widowers... please post it in the comment provided on the Blog.  See: "More"

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Posted 17 Mar 2015


Contributing widower Rutilo Flores of Illinois tells us how, in his country, men never entered the kitchen.  It was as they say... the custom.  You can image the reservations a widower may have if they were suddendly expected to prepare a casserole or perhaps even an omelette for their children or a guest.  Someone, quick... pass me a beer and two asprin. 

Take heart gents.   There are some great resources which can help with your culinary challenges including:
1.  Many Hopsice chapters have cooking classes.

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Posted 07 Feb 2015

Category Children

My daughter is having trouble adjusting to life without her mother

​It has been 19 months since my wife passed away yet my 14 year old daughter still has not recovered from her loss.  She locks herself in her bedroom for long periods of time.  She shares very little with me about her day let alone her life or her feelings.  

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Posted 20 Jan 2015

Category Grief/Dispare

Attention Widowers: IT'S TIME FOR YOU TO SHARE

​So go ahead and register with WidowersSupportNetwork.com​ and then log-on to WidowersSupportNetwork.com FORUM.  Read what others are writing.  Learn from their mistakes.  And when you're ready, share a story or two of  your own.  It's easy.  It's fun.  And communicating with other widowers can help those who are suffering heal...including you.  Besides...like everything associated with WidowersSupportNetwork.com, its FREE.

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