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  • “Retiring To” vs “Retiring From”

    “Retiring To” vs “Retiring From”

    by Richard Dri IMAGINE 25-30 YEARS AHEAD TO DO EXACTLY WHAT YOU WANT, WHEN YOU WANT. ARE YOU READY FOR THAT?  Don’t confuse retirement with vacation. It’s important you create a plan that’s fulfilling for the long-term, and about more than just having the money. I recently turned 60. Five years away from retirement, if […]

  • Grief. Guilt. The Unexpected Emotional Gut Punch Of A Life Insurance Cheque

    Grief. Guilt. The Unexpected Emotional Gut Punch Of A Life Insurance Cheque

    by Richard Dri When the reality of life insurance sinks in. You and your spouse both knew that life insurance made perfect sense. Now as a widow or widower, why do you feel so guilty? I don’t think there’s a person reading this who doesn’t understand that life insurance is one of the most practical […]

  • Your Adult Children

    Your Adult Children

    “And he will turn the hearts of fathers to their children and the hearts of children to their fathers.” Malachi 4:6 Your adult children have suffered a significant loss too. You probably have done what you could to comfort them and give them wisdom about life without their mother. However, the fact remains that they […]

  • 35 Money Matters

    35 Money Matters

    By Dr. Nyle Kardatzke “Wisdom is a shelter as money is a shelter, but the advantage of knowledge is this: Wisdom preserves those who have it.” Ecclesiastes 7:12 (NIV) The Teacher in Ecclesiastes advises us that “money is a shelter,” but he indirectly cautions that money in itself doesn’t preserve us as wisdom does. Money […]

  • Financial Landmines

    Financial Landmines

    My father died when he was 33 years of age, so I realized the importance of getting my finances in order while still young. I bought life insurance, started an IRA investment account, wrote a will, and made sure that my wife was the primary beneficiary. During one period (2008 – 2012), I was sure […]

  • Accepting Choices

    Accepting Choices

    WSN: Widowers, Wounded, Warrior, Waling and Walking by Jeff Ziegler In the last two years, I have made some life-altering tough choices. Initially, I was going to call this post “Bad Decisions”… But “Accepting Choices” seems more appropriate. Dating Especially for my fellow widowers, I want to start with dating. It was one of the […]

  • Widower 101: More Key Learnings

    Widower 101: More Key Learnings

    Recently I shared four things that I have learned since becoming a widower. In this article, I would like to continue to share a few additional thoughts on this issue. For each one of us, this list may be different. As I write in my book The First 365, a loss is the ultimate designer […]

  • Social Security Tidbits

    Social Security Tidbits

    Don’t be so fast to spend the first Social Security check deposited into your wife’s bank account following her passing, for if you were to do so, you may find that you have to pay it back.  WHY?  Because Social Security is paid in advance.  In order to be eligible to receive any amount paid, […]



    After becoming a widower, most men find themselves performing many new tasks.  When doing so, it is always helpful to have the advantage of a few friends to offer some advice and money or time saving tips.  Here are just a few. 1.  For those widowers who are disabled veterans, you can receive 10% off on […]