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  • Thanksgiving 2020

    Thanksgiving 2020

    WSN: Some winning thoughts from Jim Winner Is it just me, or is it hard to believe that next Thursday is Thanksgiving? I see and hear of a lot of people struggling as we enter this Holiday season. I understand entirely. COVID-19, quarantine, face-masks, and everything else could make a person wonder how even to […]

  • What I Miss Most

    What I Miss Most

    The current Corvid 19 pandemic effected most people’s life in some way. As a widowed man and an empty nester, the current protocol that I have chosen to follow has given me a significant amount of time to reflect on my life. Recently I gave a lot of thought to what I miss most about […]

  • Settling into Singleness

    Settling into Singleness

    When not having the privilege of submitting articles to this outstanding group of men, I enjoy reading the exceptional content provided by other writers as well as reading your questions and thoughts. One of the common issues that seem to foster many conversations is dating and new relationships as a widower. Last week I experienced […]

  • Winning (even when you don’t know it)

    Winning (even when you don’t know it)

    Good morning brothers! I’ve been in Naples for three weeks. My last writing to the group was two weeks ago. The first week here was one of the hardest that I’ve experienced since Joyce died. The loneliness was brutal. I had myself convinced I should return to Indiana. I looked for new things to do […]

  • When Memories Are Not Enough: Finding Common Ground with Fate

    When Memories Are Not Enough: Finding Common Ground with Fate

    What do you do when memories are not enough? This is a question that many who have experienced the loss of someone significant in their lives have to come to grips with after a period pass. You find yourself repeating the same stories and referencing your loved to the same person or persons repeatedly. Though […]

  • Life 2.0

    Life 2.0

    Recently I viewed an interview with author and political pundit David Brooks. During this interview, he was reflecting on a shift in his thinking when it came to his priorities in life. He termed this new way of thinking as his “second mountain.” In many ways, many of us who have lost a spouse or […]

  • The Pursuit of Happiness

    The Pursuit of Happiness

    As widowed men, each of us has experienced a significant wound. This wound like any other will take time to heal. The time it takes for this wound to heal is unique to each one of us. Many of us will however at some point experience the healing of this wound to the point where […]